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Final Resolution Coverage: NEW World Champion crowned, Feast or Fired briefcases revealed, Angle vs. Roode and more - PAGE 2



Final Resolution begins with Magnus.  The rising star stands center-ring and gives thanks for all he's achieved.  As he steps into his match with Jeff Hardy tonight to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion, Mag remembers what's truly important - honor, pride, dignity, and respect.

"But I wonder if the same can be said for my opponent Jeff Hardy."

While Magnus applauds Hardy's demon slaying, he notices that one demon remains.  Jeff has the demon of greed and it was apparent in his meeting with Dixie Carter last week.  What's up with that, Jeff?  Come to the ring and explain yourself.

That's all the Charismatic Enigma needs to hear.  Hardy walks to the ring in a huff and tears into his accuser, but he gets stopped short.  Magnus remembers "10/10/10" - the night that Jeff Hardy turned his back on TNA.  You sold out then, Jeff.  You might be getting ready to do it again.  Mag asks him point-blank. What are all your "creatures" going to think when you sell out?

"Hey.  Worry about YOUR life.  Do not worry about mine."

That's Jeff's answer…or non-answer, rather.  He drops the mic and exits the ring. 

The war between Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle has never been fiercer.  After Angle claimed he could beat Roode twice in one night, this two out of three falls contest was set.  With many close calls by Kurt since his TNA return, victory in a grueling bout like this would help the Olympic Gold Medalist bounce back mentally. Leaving everything in the ring, both men fought tooth and nail.  While Bobby managed to win the first fall, the Olympian scored the second.  With all tied up, the pressure was on.  When Kurt locked on his anklelock, it seemed like nothing could stop him.  Unfortunately, the IT Factor could.  Roode rolled through and, in the ref's blind spot, held the ropes.  Three seconds later and we have a tainted victory - but a victory nonetheless.  It's yet another in a long line of valiantly fought, but heartbreaking nights for Kurt Angle in his struggle against Bobby Roode. 


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