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The first World Tag Team Champions in history to have their own DJ-created sound effects, the Bro-Mans locked up with former champs Gunner and James Storm in another tough challenge.  Although Robbie and Jesse seemed to be outmatched in brawling ability, they used intellect to their advantage.  After Storm hit Jesse with a superkick, Robbie rushed in and spit water in the volatile Viking's face.  Gunner attacked and when the referee tried to step in, he was tossed to the mat.  The bell rang for the disqualification and the Cowboy was not happy.  The bronze boys with the gold glory pick up another victory.

Video: Watch the Bro Mans vs. Storm and Gunner

TNA might be down one World Heavyweight Champion but the titleholders we have are fighting everyone.  Gail Kim and her open challenge policy has been met with applause by everyone, including the haters.  Laura Dennis was the challenger tonight and, although she used the opportunity to show what she could do on a big stage like Impact, she ultimately fell to the Knockout Champion.  As Lei'd Tapa looked on from ringside, Gail made Laura Eat Defeat - both figuratively and literally.  After the bell, Tapa and Kim continued the assault until O.D.B. came out to stop them.  She did just that.  In a rare slip into mortality, Lei'd was stunned by O.D.B.'s attack and was clotheslined to the floor.  The Gail Kim Open Challenge remains pristine, but the dastardly duo come out a little worse for wear.

Video: Watch Gail Kim's Open Challenge

As we hit our main event, fans were eager to see Kurt Angle and Magnus face off in a battle of friends.  But with the World Heavyweight Championship on the horizon and a Last Man Standing match to get through, friendship was for another day.  These two former Main Event Mafioso weren't shy about causing damage.  The result was a physically grueling encounter that resembled a car wreck at times.  Kurt demonstrated the ability that made him a legend and Magnus showed the skills that promise to make him one before all is said and done.  Of course, cheating always helps too.  Perhaps unbeknownst to Magnus, Bobby Roode rushed in after the referee took a fall.  As Mag laid prone on the mat, Roode took Kurt down and left the ring before the official recovered.  By the end of the ten count, Mag-Daddy was up, but your Olympic Hero was not. 

Almost giddy, Roode races into the ring with a smile on his face to continue beating on the beaten Angle.  He gets a few punched in until Jeff Hardy makes the save.  That save leaves the Enigma standing alone in the ring with Magnus…his opponent in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament finals in two weeks.  They share a handshake but things will be different when the big moment arrives.

Video: Watch Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

Backstage, Dixie Carter excitedly unwraps a special delivery from A.J. Styles.  The unsanctioned World Heavyweight Champion promised to send Carter the Championship.  Well, he definitely did that.  Only problem is that he sent her a toy version.  Needless to say, Dixie is unhappy with this turn of events and takes off in a huff with some attorneys to speed dial.  Impact comes to a close with a video paid for by the "Friends of A.J." featuring our absentee champion gloating over his latest bombing of DixieLand. If she wants her intelectual property back, she's going to have to go to AJ's home in Georgia to get it!

Video: Watch AJ's delivery to Dixie Carter

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