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Another week, another hand-picked opponent for Ethan Carter III.  Who's the lucky challenger?  A man who has, as EC3 sketchily puts it, "been in the ring" with Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Bret Hart.  That man is - wait for it - senior referee Earl Hebner.  Seriously!

Video: Watch Ethan Carter challenging Earl Hebner

Earl doesn't believe it either and tries to insist that he's a referee, not a wrestler.  This plea falls on deaf ears as Carter brings out Aunt Dixie's Chief of Staff Rockstar Spud.  Spud then introduces a surprise of his own.  The referee for Ethan vs. Earl is none other than Brian Hebner  - Earl's own son.  Aw snap.

EC3 then asks the elder Hebner to lay down for the intentional loss.  Earl, however, is hesitant. This sends Ethan into a rage and he bellows in the cringing referee's face.  Of course, Hebner does as he's told and lays down for his son's three count.  After the bell, the victorious Carter rubbed salt in the Hebners' wounds by asking Brain to "shoo" his father from the ring before raising his hand.  Ethan Carter just screwed the Hebners. 

Bad Influence is up next and they're up to no good.  Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have been on a road trip this past week in search of "the truth" about Joseph Park.  An ominous yellow envelope in hand, Chris offers to reveal his information with the world.  Park arrives just in time to stop him.

Video: Watch Bad Influence expose Joseph Park

Sweaty and soft-spoken, Joseph asks the EGO maniacs to quit picking on him.  It's over, guys.  You win.  You accomplished what you wanted.  That's not good enough for Kazarian.  He directs the "attorney" to the big screen for a special airing of Bad Influence: The Road Trip.

#Impact365 Video shows Kazarian and Daniels at the law office of Park, Park, and Park.  In search of the truth about "Joseph Pancake", the duo find out nothing. Literally.  There's nothing in the office.  Turns out the company Joseph has claimed to work for all this timeā€¦ has been out of business for 13 years. 

Joseph hangs his head in shame as Christopher questions his story.  What's been going on for 13 years, Joey?  What have you been doing since the end of your law firm?  Huh?  Tell the truth!  Park responds.

"I'm gonna ask you, as human beings, please, please leave me alone.  Please. Leave me alone."

They don't.  In fact, it drives Kaz over the edge.  He calls Joseph a liar and knocks him to the ground.  It all starts to get a bit uncomfortable.  Thankfully Eric Young shows up to stop the assault.  Not just that, he makes a match for next week.  Bad Influence vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park - next Thursday.  It's then that Young says they'll regret knocking on the devil's door.

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