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Impact kicks off with one of the four remaining men in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Kurt Angle. Things are bittersweet for the Olympian.  Tonight, he has a chance to advance in the tournament, but has to do it at the expense of his friend Magnus.  Well, maybe he's a friend.  Not sure.  After all, Mag left Angle high and dry last week in their eight man tag match.  Citing a knee injury, he bailed on Kurt and now owes some answers.  The Gold Medalist invites his possible frenemy to the ring to respond.

When the blue chipper arrives, he's almost offended at the question.  What are you accusing him of?  There was no malice from Magnus.  He had to leave and save himself to fight another day.  When Angle questions his heart, things get tenser.  But they really got tense when Bobby Roode shows up.

The IT Factor appeared on the stage and agreed with what has been said about heart and determination.  But, everyone's forgetting about killer instinct.  Bobby's got that too.  You two don't.  If you want a front row seat, you can see Jeff Hardy's defeat later tonight when Roode takes him out in their table match.  That's heart, determination, and killer instinct.  Also, that's all the Charismatic Enigma needs to hear. 

Jeff Hardy comes through the curtain and, dragging a table behind him, stalks Bobby Roode into the ring to start their Table Match.  Typically a showdown like this would be dangerous, but with advancement in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament on the line, it was taken up a notch.  The action was intense and even saw both men falling through a table simultaneously.  In a rare Tables Match moment, referee Brian Hebner had no choice but to continue the bout after consulting with senior official Earl Hebner.   Although both men recovered, Jeff seemed to keep the momentum on his side.  Bobby never turned the tables and eventually took his own turn through the table after fall from the apron.  Hardy advances but both stars deserve applause for an awesome encounter

Video: Watch Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode from IMPACT

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