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TNA Impact Wrestling’s Zema Ion Takes His EDM Aspirations Into the Ring
by Marcus Dowling | December 2, 2013

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Since the success of rock-meets-pro wrestling marketing campaigns in the 1980s bridging the world of Cyndi Lauper, Dick Clark, and rock in the music video age with pro wrestling entering it’s (then) modern era, the space has now always existed for popular music and professional wrestling to coexist. In the 1990 and 2000s it was rap and wrestling coexisting, with varying levels of success and renown. Now, as we enter into this middle of the 2010s, electronic dance music is arguably moving closer to the core of the top pop ideal and upstart, 11-year old and globally-broadcasting company TNA Impact Wrestling has stepped up to the plate.

27-year-old Chester, West Virginia native Michael Paris wrestles as nine-year veteran Zema Ion. He’s armed with a high-flying in-ring style and a confident charisma that has seen him achieve success as an employee of TNA Impact Wrestling since 2011 as a one-time holder of the company’s prestigious X Division Championship. As a contracted talent with TNA, Paris’ early time in the company not spent in the ring was spent at his then home in the suburbs of Washington, DC, basically waiting to get back on the road again. Boredom mixed with an existing curiosity in dance music’s resurgence led him to the turntables, and he began to study the art of DJing, eventually becoming DJ Foreign Objex. However, it wasn’t until his recent appendix removal – wherein an ultimately non-cancerous tumor was discovered – that he accidentally happened upon the time to truly take the steps to becoming a DJ/producer/pro wrestler triple threat.

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