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Bracing For Impact - "Parallel Park"

By James Guttman

Joseph Park isn’t bothering anyone.  The lighthearted and somewhat goofy attorney has spent most of his brief TNA career on the defensive.  Between Bully Ray, Bad Influence and others, poor Joseph has had to fend off attackers while on a seemingly endless search for his brother Abyss.

That's why things don't sit right with most observers when they see the way he's treated by Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.  Reminiscent of a middle-schooler being relentlessly mocked for no other reason than simply existing, Park has been tormented by these two "cool kids".  It's a feeling that most people can relate to and something everyone has experienced at one time or another.  Joseph has done nothing wrong, yet there are people in TNA intent on making him feel bad for the sake of doing so.

Just two weeks ago at Turning Point, the EGO maniacs even dumped a bucket of "blood" over Park's head in an effort to "unleash his inner Abyss".  Sadly, no Monster emerged.  Instead we saw yet another drooping pout from the gentle giant we've all come to, well, pity.

Now, Bad Influence is promising yet another big revelation for this Thursday's Impact -  a surprise that they swear will "destroy" the timid lawyer’s reputation.  They've been laughing about it to anyone who's had the misfortune of running into them since their road trip.  According to the Appletini-sipping tandem, it will be a point of no return. 

But is that what they truly want?  Joseph's brother Abyss has held numerous championships in TNA.  The hardcore icon from the bowels of the TNA Asylum has smashed in heads of those who were once thought to be infallible.  He's frightening and capable of squashing anyone who happens to cross his path.  And although he's been away for quite some time, the threat of his return is always looming.

So why provoke him?  Sure, they might want to embarrass the perspiring litigator, but they've done that already.  The fake bucket of blood, the insults, and the attacks have all left Park with egg on his face.  Why not just quit while you're ahead?  All Daniels and Kazarian need to do is leave Joseph alone.  That's it.  Good job, guys.  You won.  You made him look foolish.

That's not Bad Influence's style, though.  Both Kazarian and Daniels have made careers out of not knowing when enough mental torture is enough.  To these two, the only way to full destroy Park is to bring his brother out to suffer the same fate.  Their goal is to have Abyss show his masked face…all so they can crush it.  It's sick, but it's how they are.  The end result might be sadistic and insane, but that's what gets them out of bed in the morning.  Some dedicate their lives to building people up - these two hipsters obsess about tearing people down.

So where is Abyss?  He didn't show up at Turning Point.  He wasn't on Impact last week.  Is he even still around?  Is all this psychological torture for nothing?  Park's good friend, Eric Young, insists that Abyss is seeing everything that's been happening.  With Santa-like omnipresence, the Monster from the Deep is all around us and simply waiting to be unleashed.  It might be this Thursday.  It might not.  But one thing is certain - the Monster won't allow Bad Influence to go unpunished for their sins.

Let's just hope Joseph Park can survive until then.

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