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Turning Point Coverage: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray, Two Title Tournament Matches, Joseph Park's Challenge - PAGE 5

If there was any doubt as to how important our main event was, the line of TNA stars who arrived to watch it firsthand alleviated them.  Ken Anderson, with his career on the line, had the volume turned all the way up as he went after Bully Ray in hopes of destroying his club.  The tensions between the former outlaw brothers runs deep and the open season on weapons only served as a reminder of their hatred.  Tables, chains, and even Knux came close to becoming the deciding factor, but none could finish the job.  When the dreaded hammer was handed off to Brooke by Taz at the announce table, though, that was a different story.

In a case of over-pitching, Brooke's hammer toss to Bully in the ring went right over his head and into Anderson's hands.  He swung, hit a Mic Check, and scored the pin.  After over a year, it all comes crashing down in three seconds.  November 21st, 2013 - Aces and Eights is officially over.

The crowd goes nuts.  Taz removes his vest at the behest of TNA's stars, who watched the match unfold.  It's a new day in TNA as Turning Point comes to a close.

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