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Turning Point Coverage: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray, Two Title Tournament Matches, Joseph Park's Challenge - PAGE 4


There's a fine line between arrogance and confidence.  The TNA Knockouts Champion lives on that line.  With Lei'd Tapa by her side, Gail Kim continued her open challenge to all women of the wrestling world.  This week's challenger was Candice Larea.  But, as she learned, Gail's confidence is well founded.  Thanks to her patented "Eat Defeat" finish, Kim showed Candice that she's truly the top TNA knock out by, well, knocking her out.  Another successful defense from our champion.

 When it was time for our Florida Death Match, James Storm wasn't waiting for Bobby Roode to get into the ring.  He met his former partner as soon as he emerged from the curtain.  Things didn't slow down from there.  In a fairly short amount of time, the ring filled with trash cans, chairs, pipes, and various other weapons.  Showing the intense rivalry between these former partners, nothing was off limits when inflicting pain.  Neither man would stay down, though.  It was shocking at times.  When Roode slammed a beer bottle into Storm's bloody head, much as he did when he defeated him for the World Championship, everyone thought it was over.  It wasn't.  When Bobby literally shattered two chairs under the Cowboy, it looked done.  Again - no.  This only infuriated the IT Factor more.  He retrieved a board wrapped in barbed wire from beneath the ring and prepared to slam his former partner into it.  Everyone held their breath. That's when Gunner came sprinting from the back and tossed a white towel into the ring, surrendering the bout to save his friend.  The Modern Day Viking may have ended Storm's World Championship hopes, but he almost definitely saved his career.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.  James Storm, for example, doesn't.  After the bell, a stressed out Storm shouted at his well-meaning partner.  Life lesson, Viking.  No good deed goes unpunished.

After countless weeks of crushing Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes, Ethan Carter III was ready to up his competition at Turning Point.  He promised he would face a returning TNA Legend and that's what he did.  Sharkboy was the fish of the day and seemed ready to topple the pampered prince.  Would he overcome?  Give me a Shell No.  After some close calls, Dixie Carter's nephew shut Sharky down swiftly and suddenly.  EC3's undefeated streak rolls on.

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