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Turning Point Coverage: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray, Two Title Tournament Matches, Joseph Park's Challenge - PAGE 3


In our first World Heavyweight Championship tournament clash, Samoa Joe and Magnus locked horns in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The ex-Main Event Mafia members held nothing back and fans who had become familiar with Magnus's killer instinct weren't surprised.  Eager to move on from being "the Future" to "the Present", Mag gave the Samoan Submission Machine all he had and knew how to keep alert when he was in trouble.  When he found himself locked in a choke, he backed Joe head-first into the ringpost outside.  The former World Heavyweight Champion fell to the floor and three seconds later, Mr. Future Star was one step closer to being Mr. Right Now.

The most bizarre encounter of the night was up next.  Joseph Park versus his brother Abyss was such a strange match-up that even Bad Influence had to sit at ringside to believe it.  When the awkward Park hit the ring and gave himself a pep talk, everyone was laughing along.  After years of "common knowledge" leading us to believe that these two men were one in the same, surely the Monster wouldn't be able to show up while Joseph is in the ring.  Right?

Right.  Abyss no-shows and this sends Bad Influence into attack mode.  Kazarian and Christopher Daniels tear into Joseph.  They accuse him of everything from disappointing his family to breathing air that can be used for other, more deserving, human beings.  Then, in a moment that left even Park's biggest critics saddened, they dumped a bucket of blood over his head in an effort to "bring the monster out".  It didn't.  All it brought out was a somewhat depressing scene as Joseph slinked back to the locker room to wash away his bloody shame. 


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