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Turning Point Coverage: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray, Two Title Tournament Matches, Joseph Park's Challenge - PAGE 2


Turning Point may be in Orlando, but it opens up live from Dixieland.  TNA President Dixie Carter graces the little people with her presence and blesses our hearts.  No heart blessings for AJ Styles, though.  Dixie has disdain for that trashy little phony.  He's not the real World Heavyweight Champion.  No. He's just a phenomenal pretender infringing on her intellectual property all around the world.  Well no more. First came negotiations.  Then came threats.  Now come the lawyers.  The Styles World Tour is going to be shut down for good.  Sorry…

…about your damn luck!  Cowboy James Storm arrives to put a premature end to Carter's monologue.    Bullrope in hand, Storm has issues with all this rhetoric from the President.  You want justice for your World Championship?  What about Bobby Roode attacking James at a local bar the other night?  No discipline for him, huh?  Fine.  Tonight, Storm's match with Bobby in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament needs to be his justice.  But the only way to do that is take things up a few notches.  Let's change the bout from a bullrope battle to an old fashioned Florida Death Match.

Rightfully so, Dixie claims that the attack happened off the TNA clock and balks at his new match proposal.  The Cowboy sees her point and responds with a threat of his own.  If she doesn't change the match, he's going to call the police to press charges from Bobby's bar attack.  One call.  Ring, ring.   Roode goes to jail.  Match gets called off.  Tournament implodes.  Boom.   Your call, boss.  Florida Death Match of death of the World Championship Tournament.  As James explains it:

"Ma'am.  Darlin'.  Will you please give me this match?  Give these people this match.  It will benefit you and myself.  And I will make the cops go away."

Carter thinks it over again and - you know what - on second thought, fine.  You can have your Florida Death Match, James.  Because, you asked so nicely.     


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