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#IMPACT365 Jay Bradley Reports From Japan on AJ Styles Unsanctioned Title Defense, Earthquake During Show

Jay Bradley sends this exclusive #IMPACT365 report from Japan in the early hours of November 17th, following the Wrestle-1 event that saw an earthquake hit and the unsanctioned "TNA World Heavyweight Championship" title defense from AJ Styles, unauthorized by TNA President Dixie Carter.

#IMPACT365 Jay Bradley In Japan With Updates On AJ Styles, Earthquake During Show







TNA Wrestler Jay Bradley is on tour in Japan and sent us this #IMPACT365 video of AJ Styles enjoying local culture before his "unsantioned" match in Japan.

Styles defeated Sanada in his match at the World-1 event that just took place. 

We will be posting #IMPACT365 footage of the match as well as other footage from the weekend later today.

View the #IMPACT365 video



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