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#IMPACT365: Injury Updates After IMPACT - Videos of Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle


On Thursday's IMPACT, the World Heavyweight Title Tournament kicked off with Jeff Hardy facing Chris Sabin in a Full Metal Mayhem match. Courtesy of #IMPACT365, check out exclusive backstage footage of Hardy and Sabin after the match! It was determined that Sabin did not suffer a concussion (watch the video below), but did receive a laceration to his leg. Hardy suffered no major injuries, although he did chip a tooth after getting dropkicked by Sabin with a steel chair on his face (Hardy discusses it in the video below). Also, Kurt Angle has been cleared by medical staff of all injuries, despite some recent scares and concerns after his matches on IMPACT. In fact, Angle checks in with a #IMPACT365 video below, featuring his new training regimen!

#IMPACT365: Jeff Hardy reacts after Full Metal Mayhem - CLICK HERE



#IMPACT365: Chris Sabin gets medical attention - CLICK HERE




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