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Since arriving in TNA, Lei'd Tapa has been a dominant force…even in matches she's not in.  Tonight was no exception.  Velvet Sky, O.D.B, and Velvet Sky squared off in a highly charged Triple Threat match to determine the #1 Contender to Knockouts Champion Gail Kim who, along with Lei'd, lurked at ringside.  They stayed out of the action for most of the bout but when the dominant duo interjected themselves into the match, they did It in a big way.  Gail came running through to break a pin attempt and have the match declared a no contest, rendering herself still contender-less.  Tapa followed up by pummeling O.D.B. into the middle of next week while the Champion took down the others.  Overflowing with confidence, Kim stood over the three casualties and laid out an open challenge.  Any female anywhere in the world of wrestling - TNA or otherwise - can take her best shot at Gail Kim.  If she can win, she might even get a Knockouts Championship Match.  But, whoever she is, she can't…and she won't. 

Impact opened with the end of the Main Event Mafia.  As we hit the midway mark, it looked like another major group was on their way out.  Garrett Bischoff, Knux, Taz, and Bully Ray all come to the ring to take an all-important vote.  Should Aces and Eights continue or should they follow the Main Event Mafia's lead and call it quits?  As Garrett points out, Ray is the group's "poison" who has allowed his ego to get in the way of club business.  Before the voting can begin, the prime example of Bully's poison steps out from the back.  It's the former Vice President himself, Mr. Ken Anderson…Anderson. 

Grinning and seemingly impartial, Ken stands at ringside and watches the votes.  The first two went a little something like this. Yay to stay.  Nay to go.

Bischoff:  Nay - "I'm Finished." 

Knux: Nay - "I don't need you.  I don't need this club.  I don't need these colors."

Oh.  Wow.  Two votes to end the group, huh?  Too bad that Taz and Bully Ray are going to vote "yay".  That makes it a tie, which gets broken by - wait for it - the President of the club.  Who's the President again?  Oh yes.  Bully, baby.  Ha. Guess that settles it. All that's left is for Ray's brother from Red Hook, Brooklyn to give his thumbs up and set the wheels in motion.  Say it, Jazzy Tazzy.  Make it happen!

Taz:  Nay - "You know this has gone wrong.  You know this club has just been rolling through your agenda and your agenda only.  Therefore, (Knux and Bischoff)  are right.  (Mr. Anderson) is right. I'm done. "

Mike Tenay's broadcast partner removes his vest like Knux and Garrett (who have since left the ring) before him.  This infuriates the Prez, who orders him to put it back on.  Taz is defiant and refuses to budge, even in the face of confrontation.  Bully can't believe his ears and blames Anderson for causing this rift.  Ken takes the compliment and lays out a challenge.  It's not for a wrestling match either. It's for a fight. Turning Point - live on Spike TV - a no-disqualification war.  Whadda ya say, Ray?

What does he say?  Ray says surprise.  Bully reveals his big twist of the night as he calls for Knux and Garrett Bischoff to attack Ken from behind.  The act of disbanding Aces and Eights was just that - an act.  The team all high five each other as Bully Ray stands over the beaten Anderson and reminds him of the #1 rule of wrestling - "don't trust anybody."  Aces and Eights live, a-hole.


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