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Impact kicks off with the Main Event Mafia.  The group known for closing out shows starts the night off in the ring for an important announcement.  Sting leads the talk and points out how the M.E.M. have conquered all their goals since reforming.  Sadly, that's why tonight… they're disbanding.  Reminding us all that the four share a common respect, the Icon also reminds us that they all have singles work to take care of. With that, Sting hugs each member of the team and takes his leave.

Samoa Joe is up next.  He too has loved his time with the Mafia, but sees this as the time to finish their run.  His goal is the World Heavyweight Championship and he knows it lies on path that runs through both Magnus and Kurt Angle.  The Samoan Submission Machine, like Sting before him, journeys off.

Magnus takes the microphone next.  With only Kurt left in the ring, Mag turns his attention to the Olympian. He lets Angle know that winning the World Heavyweight Championship is the most important thing in his life.  Friendship is great, but if need be, "I'll mow you down."  Then he too walks away.

This leaves Kurt Angle all alone.  The Gold Medal winner echoes the dreams of the other three.  He too wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion again.  He not only wants to do it, he needs to do it.  It's what will prove that he's truly worthy of the Hall of Fame induction he's put on hold.  Now, as many know, doctors told Kurt not to wrestle the past few weeks.  Before Kurt can finish his though, someone shows up to finish it for him.

Bobby Roode, comes stomping out to interrupt this pity party.  Roode is tired of Kurt's excuses over losing to him two weeks in a row.  Just admit that you got beat!  Enraged, Bobby informs Angle that, if they lock up again in the tournament, he'll take him out for a third time.  Angle expresses the same desire to fight again.  In fact, why wait?  Let's do it now.  Bam!

Kurt opens up on the IT Factor and a wild brawl encompasses the ring.  It lasts into a commercial break and when we return, Angle is sitting alone in the ring and demanding that Bobby return.  The crowd roars as Roode returns and the fists begin flying immediately.  Officials and wrestlers work to contain the carnage, but even a group of ten couldn't fully control things.  The battle may have been stopped for the moment, but the war is far from over.

Having just helped with the Angle-Roode brawl, Bad Influence was still standing around ringside.  The hipsters caught a glimpse of former TNA Tag Team Champion Pac-Man Jones and DeQuin Evans of the Cincinatti Bengals in the front row.  Far from the TNA Welcome Wagon, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels began to argue with the visitors and, before long, shoved them into the seats behind them.  This sent Evans and Jones over the edge.  They jumped the railing, rushed the ring, and knocked their EGOs down to size as the Cincinnati crowd went wild.


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