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Ethan Carter III used Impact to add another highlight to his Bum of the Week highlight reel.  Given carte blanche to choose his personal opponent each week by his "Aunt D" Carter, Ethan chose Dewey Barnes once again.  This win was about as simple as his others.  The pampered pedigree of EC3 was in another league than the rosy pink toothpick in lion paw pants.  Even though Barnes had a few close moments, his second verse against Ethan Carter was the same as the first only a little bit quicker and a little bit worse.  The blue-chipper from Dixieland hit his patented One Percenter for yet another pinfall victory.

Joseph Park and Eric Young thought a match against Bad Influence was a good idea.  After the earlier embarrassment at the hands of Pac Man Jones and DeQuin Evans, Kazarian and Daniels were surely off their game, right?  Wrong.  With a well tossed Appletini to the eyes, they took down Joseph and parked him on the mat for three. 

The never-ending tension between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode was still boiling over even an hour later.  Angle hit the ring and called for Roode again, but instead Austin Aries showed up.  He wanted the TNA Hall of Maybe Famer to remember who his opponent is next week.  It's Austin Aries, not Bobby Roode.  If you lose that focus in your first round match for the World Heavyweight Championship on Impact, you'll be finished.  The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived will put you down and take the gold. Now that's real.  That's damn real.

At this point, Dixie Carter appears on the big screen with the Wheel of Dixie spinning behind her.  It stops on "Submission Match" and next week's Angle-Aries dream gets an awesome stipulation.  Before anyone can even react, Bobby Roode comes barreling out.  He knocks down Austin and goes right after Angle.  At a time when Kurt needs to focus more than anything, Roode is doing everything he can to make that impossible.

Our final contest of the night truly embodied the term "main event".  In our opening match in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, former Champions Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin tore into one another in a brutal Full Metal Mayhem Match.  Any item made from metal is legal to use and encouraged. Neither of these two was shy about testing that theory with chairs, stairs, ladders, and trash cans all making appearances in the violent encounter.  The intensity of both shined through and left the audience breathless with each shot.  Sabin seemed poised for victory after rolling off a table before Hardy could Swanton Bomb him through it.  The wood splintered off in every direction as Jeff crashed through.  But shockingly, Chris didn't try to put him away. Instead, he went for a table dive of his own, but the Charismatic Enigma raised his knees just as he came sailing in.  Again, the table broke and both fell through.  Taz wondered who got the worst of the exchange but didn't have to wonder long.  Jeff was the first to rebound and eventually leap-frogged a ladder he had standing in the corner, hit a Swanton Bomb, and gained the hugely important first win in our quest for a new Champion.

Jeff Hardy has jumped over the ladder both literally and figuratively as Impact comes to a close.





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