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Bracing For Impact: After The Glory

By James Guttman

For months, we anticipated the changes that Bound For Glory would bring us.  When the night finally came, it was beyond what many had predicted.  From top to bottom, nearly every champion had been swept from their golden perch.  The company was shaken up in a way that no one could have imagined.

The fallout from Sunday night, however, is something that no one thought about.  After all, with so much riding on the event itself, who has the time to really sit and think about the impact it would make on, well, Impact?  In the eyes of many, Bound For Glory was the end of a story.  But to the men and women who feel that they were wronged on the show, it was only the beginning.

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Gunner and James Storm are two of the most no-nonsense stars to ever hold the World Tag Team Titles.  That's why their World Tag Team Title loss to the mo-nonsense party boys, The Bro-Mans, shocked the world.  As the night started, Robbie E and Jesse hadn't even earned a title shot.  But after two wins, the duo were proudly checking their hair in the reflection of their new golden status symbols.  Anyone who has ever been subjected to a forced fist bump by the new champions realize how unbearable they're about to become now that they have the World Tag Team Championships.   However, they also know how enraged Storm and Gunner will be too.  It should make for an interesting victory party for the new Champions on Thursday's Imapct.

For years, Gail Kim has been one of the most dangerous and talented Knockouts in the division. But last night, she went to a new level.  Not only did Gail become the new Knockouts Champion, she revealed that the barbaric Lei'D Tapa was in her corner the whole time.  Tapa's interference in the Knockouts Championship match was like cutting a stick of butter with a chainsaw.  She rolled through both O.D.B. and Brooke, leaving them easy prey for Kim.  Fans can only imagine the diabolical plans that the new champion and her powerful partner have for Thursday's Impact…and beyond.

Much like Gail Kim, Chris Sabin is no stranger to the Championship he captured last night.  For the seventh time, Sabin is once again referred to as our X-Division Champion.  But for one of the first times, he did it with dishonor.  Using his apprehensive girlfriend Velvet Sky to his advantage, Chris outwitted four of the division's finest in the Ultimate X Match.  While fans have been clamoring for him to return to his more humble state, Sabin's latest success only serves to reinforce his newfound arrogance.  Many are already mentally preparing for Chris to shove his X-Division Championship in their faces on Impact.  Hopefully the new champion is also mentally preparing for the sleepless nights, paranoid moments, and barrage of angry challengers eager to claim the championship for their own.

Of course, this brings us to our new World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles.  Phenomenal in every sense of the word, A.J. showed at Bound For Glory why he's always been the proverbial "go-to" guy.  Fighting against one of the most dominant champions in TNA history, Styles seemed to have an uphill battle from the start against Bully Ray.  When you factor in the interference from TNA President Dixie Carter, it truly illustrates the magnitude of what the TNA Original had accomplished.  It was an amazing moment.  Everyone was clapping.  Everyone was happy.

But on Thursday's Impact, the fairy tale is over.  The new World Heavyweight Champion is left with an irate former champion and a vindictive TNA President.  Both were making it clear to anyone within earshot last night that they plan for nothing less than A.J.'s full demise.  Starting on Thursday's Impact and going forward until the day he's no longer referred to as champion, the full scale assault planned on Styles will be nothing short of intense.  For anyone else, the odds would insurmountable.  For the new champ, they're just part of the job.

One thing is certain.  Bound For Glory wasn't the end.  It was just the beginning.  Hopefully the stars who came out of the night with glory realize that.  Otherwise, Thursday's Impact is bound to be the night they're knocked back to reality.