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Dixie Carter's favorite Bound For Glory match was next as her nephew Ethan Carter III stepped into the ring against a local San Diego wrestler named Norv Fernam.  Norv looked to be about half the size of TNA referee Earl Hebner and was no match for TNA's new golden boy.  EC3 made short work of his handpicked challenger and showed why he's someone to watch for.  The Privileged One locked Fernam in a headlock and stepped forward, planting his skull deep into the mat.  Earl counted three and Ethan's first outing is officially a success.

Up next, Magnus faced all he hopes to become in his fellow Main Event Mafia member Sting.   With the Stinger offering his partner a chance to finally have his Main Event Moment, everyone expected a civilized contest based on mutual respect.  What they got was a brutal assault from Magnus that no one saw coming.  The British blue chipper hammered away on his friend with punches, kicks, and cheap shots.  Surprisingly, the young star looked content with a win any way he could get it.  The one way no one expected?  A Scorpion Deathlock.  In a case of adding insult to injury, that's how things came to a close.  Mag actually used his mentor's own finishing move against him to gain a victory in a rather jerky way.  To make matters worse, after the bell he made no attempt to shake his fallen partner's hand or thank him for the match.  It turned a moment that should have been momentous and made it somewhat awkward.  That didn't matter to Magnus though,.  He got the victory.  That seemed to be all he cared about.

After jumping through endless hoops and dodging countless obstacles, A.J. Styles finally had his shot at the World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray in a no disqualification match next.  In a nastier mood than usual, Bully was true to his name and verbally berated the challenger with each hit.  Garrett Bischoff made an early appearance to remind A.J. that the Aces and Eights President has backup.  Then Knux showed up later to make the same reminder, only with a chokeslam.   When you combine that outside interference with Ray's violent brawling ability, it makes for some unbeatable odds.  Styles looked ready to topple them, though, until a mistimed dive to the outside sent A.J. crashing through a ringside table.  The sound alone sent shivers down the spines of everyone in attendance.

With the challenger down, the champion was handed a blade by Taz from the announce table.  Bully Ray used it to cut up the ring mat to expose the bare wooden boards beneath.  That's when Dixie Carter appeared with a chair in hand.  She passed the weapon off to Ray and ordered security to circle ringside.  Little did she realize that this moment allowed Styles to regain his composure and come leaping out of nowhere onto Bully.  He remained there and covered the champion for what should have been a 20 count.

Unfortunately for the Phenomenal One, Dixie stood on the apron and ordered the official to halt his count.  He complied and the match continued with A.J. taking some brutal shots on the unprotected wooden surface.  The arena exploded with groans of pain for each devastating hit and all the cheering in the world seemed fruitless as the challenger writhed around in pain from repeated chair shots.  No one could envision a way for Styles to rebound…but he did.  Showing a determination that comes from fighting an uphill battle, A.J.battled back, eventually sailing from the top rope with a Spinal Tap.  He covered the, now former, champion for three.  With that, TNA's go-to guy is once again gone to.  Dixie Carter looks absolutely disgusted as the new World Heavyweight Champion celebrates to close out Bound For Glory

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