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In a moment that was both shocking and inspirational, as the first TNA Hall of Famer, Sting took to the ring to induct the second one, Kurt Angle.  The Main Event Mafioso gave Kurt a glowing speech that highlighted his spectacular career.  Angle, shockingly, declined the induction.  The Olympic Gold expressed nothing but respect for the Hall.   In fact, the Medalist expressed regret for past mistakes so much that he promises to join the Stinger in the Hall only after he feels he's righted all his wrongs - professionally and personally.

Shiny and polished, Ethan Carter III is the apple of his Aunt Dixie's eye.  When the TNA President sees him arrive backstage, she kisses him on the cheek and wishes him luck in his TNA debut tonight.  EC3, as his friends and followers call him, shows his million dollar smile as he goes off to prepare to make the family proud.

Anyone who still doubts the ability and brutality of the TNA Knockouts needs only to see the triple threat match that came up next as Knockouts Champion O.D.B defended against Gail Kim and Brooke Tessmacher.  All three were on their game but the Champion seemed to have the momentum.  O.D.B. looked poised to retain her title, but only until Lei'D Tapa appeared.  The intimidating new Knockout took down the flask-swigging Champ and then powerbombed Brooke so Gail could pin her for the win. Why would Lei'D Tapa show up to help Kim win the Knockouts Championship?  Their post-match embrace answered all the questions.  That's right.  Not only is Gail Kim your new Knockouts Champion, but with Tapa by her side, she just became even more dangerous.

The Kurt Angle redemption train was up next and its first stop was Bobby Roode.  From the start, the E.G.O. Hall of Famer was determined to rain on the Olympian's parade.  While Kurt showed no signs of rust, the intense Roode showed no signs of letting up.  When he did, Angle capitalized and managed to hit a top rope Olympic Slam.  But after taking a ton of damage for the whole match, it ended up knocking Angle out cold.  Bobby shook out the cobwebs and rolled over for the three count.  The bell rang.  The match was over. Yet still, Kurt didn't move.

The ring quickly filled with paramedics and officials, who tried to remove the unconscious Angle from the ring on a stretcher.  They obviously don't know Kurt Angle.  The Main Event Mafia pushed the medics away, stepped off the gurney, and walked back through the curtain on his own accord.


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