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In an opening contest that will live on forever in highlight reels, the X-Division Championship was on the line in the dangerous Ultimate X Match with Manik defending against Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and Chris Sabin.  Nothing was held back as each man showed why he's capable of being the champion of the division. In the end, all the breathtaking moves in the world were no match for Sabin's cunning.  Using a reluctant Velvet Sky as a distraction, Chris was able to outmaneuver Jeff Hardy on the ladder and grab the prize from under his nose.  All anyone else can do is watch in despair. In his 16th Ultimate X Match, Chris Sabin regains the X-Division Championship.

Bad Influence took to the ring next, which lead to an altercation with Eric Young.  As Kazarian and Daniels attacked, fans prepared for Joseph Park to make the save.  He didn't… but Abyss did.  The monster cleaned house and saved his "brother's" partner.  Abyss let out a roar to the crowd and they roared back in approval.

As winners of the pre-show gauntlet, The Bro-Mans were on a roll heading into their World Tag Team Championship challenge against Gunner and James Storm. With Mr. Olympia in their corner, Jesse Godderz and Robbie E. knew how important this contest was for their careers.  Although underrated by many fans, they came within a blink of victory a number of times.  When Gunner was taken out of the action, Storm was finally left by himself in the ring, and was easy prey.  The Bros quickly double-teamed and sent the cowboy out to pasture for three.  With that, we have new World Tag Team Champions.  If you don't have stock in hair gel and bronzer, get it now.  The era of the Bro-Mans has begun.


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