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IMPACT Coverage: Bully Ray's beatdown on AJ Styles, Kurt Angle returns, Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy - PAGE 4


Thanks to Lei'D Tapa last week, we were still left without a #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship.  This week, Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher set to make that right.  While Velvet held her own, Brooke showed some of the new aggression she's picked up since becoming a member of Aces and Eights.  With Chris Sabin badgering her from ringside, Sky never seemed to gain focus.  In the end, his advice distracted her and Tessmacher was able to roll her up from behind for the pin.

When Magnus and Sting of the Main Event Mafia faced off against Bad Influence next, it was more than just a match.  Magnus, frustrated with his inability to have a "breakthrough" match with an iconic star, was granted one by Sting.  Now, thanks to Dixie Carter, the match could be off if the duo don't win in a tag effort tonight.  It made the victory all the more important for the M.E.M.  Unfortunately, Kazarian and Daniels don't lie down for anyone and love nothing more than playing spoilers.  They kept the Mafioso on their toes, but ultimately fell thanks to a pin by the facepainted TNA Hall of Famer.  The win ensures that Sting vs. Magnus at Bound For Glory goes on.  Everyone should be happy, right?

Surprisingly, Magnus is not.  He seems annoyed at the Stinger for getting the three count himself after he felt he did the bulk of the work.  Although the two appear to be on the same page as we head to commercial, it's clear that their upcoming Bound For Glory encounter is weighing heavily on their minds.

The odds seemed stacked against A.J. Styles in our final match of the night.  Specialty picked by World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray, Styles faced Knux and Garrett Bischoff of Aces and Eights.  The crowd was on fire as A.J. ripped into Bischoff early on.  When Knux was tagged in, though, things took a turn. Bully Ray reveled in delight at the commentary table as the Bound For Glory challenger was brutally hammered by his two remaining Aces and Eights brothers.  Ray's celebration was cut short though as the Phenomenal One showed why he's so dangerous.  Overcoming the odds, he covered Bisch for a surprise three count and gave the Aces and Eights President a visual example of why he should be worried about their Championship match on October 20th.

Ironically for A.J. Styles, that's when the real beating began.  Bully Ray rushed the ring and kept both Garrett and Knux backed away.  With that, he took out a chain and proceeded to whip Styles with it.  When A.J. did manage to get to his feet, he's tossed from the ring.  The World Heavyweight Champion gets into the face of his incapacitated Bound For Glory challenger as Impact comes to a close.


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