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The Bromans were hoping to extract revenge on O.D.B. for weeks of embarrassment in the next match.  Unfortunately for Jesse Godderz and Robbie E, vengeance would have to wait for another day.  Tonight was all about Lei'D Tapa.  The monstrous new Knockout's music started playing out of nowhere.  Within seconds, she was in the ring and O.D.B., the Knockouts Champion, was out cold.  Statements don’t get much bigger than that.

The E.G.O. Hall of Fame was up next and the dress code was insanity.  Clad in tuxedos and top hats (orange for Kazarian and powder blue for Christopher Daniels), Bad Influence took to the decorated ring for the big ceremony in honor of Bobby Roode.  From ringside, Taz admitted that he knew many people in the wrestling business who belong in the "E.G.O. Hall of Fame".

Complete with a self portrait and giant wooden throne, Hall of Fame honors go a long way in E.G.O.  Kazarian presents a special video tribute he created for Roode complete with poorly edited clips from TNA stars singing his praises.  After a few nice words from Daniels, Bobby takes to the podium and thanks all in attendance for their support.   He thanks Bad Influence as well, but one individual deserves the most credit of all. Statements like this truly illustrate why he's in the Hall of Fame he is.

"That individual is none other than me.  Yours truly.  The It Factor of professional wrestling.  Bobby Roode.  You see, I am the man - thank you - I am the man who is deserving of the Hall of Fame induction.  Not Kurt Angle, no.  The only reason why Kurt Angle is being inducted into the Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory is because of each and every one of you."

That's when Jealous Bobby questions the reasons for Angle's induction at all.  Compare what he's done lately to what Roode's done lately.  It's not even close.  Kurt Angle is washed up. Kurt Angle is finished.  In fact, Kurt Angle is… here!

That's right. The Gold Medalist is back in TNA and his arrival on the entrance ramp sends the crowd into a frenzy.  Angle's in amazing shape as he steps into the ring and confronts the man who was just calling him out.

"I've been gone a little while.  Who are these two, your girlfriends?"

Angry, because they're boys, Bad Influence attacks and Kurt quickly dumps them both from the ring.  Roode tries to jump in, but he too is chased off. 

"Bobby Roode!  Bobby Roode!  You just made the biggest mistake of your life.  Kurt Angle is back and I've got one thing to say.  You!  Me!  Bound For Glory!"

The arena goes nuts and all Bobby can do is hold his head in worry.  Angle-Roode at Bound For Glory. Mike Tenay assures us all of one thing.  It's real.  It's damn real.


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