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IMPACT Coverage: Bully Ray's beatdown on AJ Styles, Kurt Angle returns, Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy - PAGE 2


Impact begins with our President Dixie Carter.  After quickly recapping Hulk Hogan's "self-absorbed" exit from TNA last week, Dixie promises that his name will never be spoken again.  Drowned out by boos, Carter insists that she doesn't need anyone to tell her how to run her wrestling company.  That includes A.J. Styles, who thinks he knows best. After all, she told him to leave last week and yet he still returned later in the show to interfere.  This act of defiance was obviously done to get the President's attention.  Well, you've got it, Mr. Styles.  And furthermore‚Ķ

That's when Sting shows up.  Before the icon can say a word, Dixie says a few of her own.  In case the Stinger has forgotten, he's the one who suggested H--- H---- for General Manager.  Now he's gone.  That's on you, pal.  Know what else is on you?  Making your own Bound For Glory Match last week against Magnus.  What's up with that?  Are you looking to provoke the TNA President, Man Called Sting?  Are you looking to lose your contract too?   Before that happens, how about you team with Magnus tonight against Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a tag match?  Huh?  Huh?  That's when Sting explodes.

"I want you to just spit it out and tell me what is going on.  Knock it off, Dixie!"

But she doesn't knock it off.  Rather, she continues on.  Carter informs the Main Event Mafia member that she wants to see him "take it up another level".  What does that mean?   Well, if either Magnus or Sting loses tonight in their tag match against Bad Influence, their Bound For Glory Match is off.  With a plastic grin, Dixie assures the shocked Stinger that she wants to see him win.  He doesn't look sold on the idea.

Our first match of the night left fans breathless as Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy exchanged some truly amazing moves.  With both men known for their stunning agility, the momentum swung back and forth without warning.  After coming close with a number of near falls, Jeff climbed the turnbuckle to finish Aries off.  The risk didn't pay off as the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived regained his composure, caught the Charismatic Enigma, and brain-buster'd him from the top rope for the victory.

After the official word, Samoa Joe appeared on the ramp.  He's not here to kill anyone, but inform them.  At Bound For Glory, the Four Way Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship between Manik, Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy, and Austin Aries just went up a notch.  How?  The addition of Samoa Joe - that's how.  Yup.  We now have a Five Way Ultimate X Match at BFG.  The Main Event Mafioso puts the other four all notice.  Joe's going to kill them.  All of them.


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