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IMPACT Coverage: Hulk Hogan Says "I Quit!" - But TNA President Dixie Carter FIRES Him! - PAGE 5


Then, it was time.  It was time to find out Hulk Hogan's decision.  Dixie Carter was the first one to arrive.  She reminded the fans that she understands that they have no concept of business.  How could she be mad about that?  You're just reacting.  You don't really know anything.  Bless your hearts.  And, on that note, let's bring out Hulk Hogan.

The Impact General Manager hits the ring and the boos turn to cheers.  Clad in an Impact Wrestling shirt, the Hulkster takes a microphone of his own and listens to some of the nice things that Dixie has to say.  She promises to take his career to the next level if he chooses to "take a ride on the Dixie Train."  She tells him to make the right choice or else be the brunt of a bad decision that Carter herself will have to make.  Hogan responds.

"Your offer.  Wow.  I've thought about everything I've done in my career.  The 35 years I've put in, I mean, I've always dreamed of being a power couple in this business.  Having a beautiful woman like you that has more power than anyone in this business.  A the end of the day, with an offer like that - Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan. It's amazing how high we can get.  But, at the end of the day, it's an amazing offer for somebody else.  But not me.  I quit."

That's right.  He quit.  Hulk tosses down the mic and turns to leave the ring.  That's when finally, Dixie has to answer a variation of Hulk Hogan's legendary question.  Whatcha gonna do, Dixie Carter, when Hulkamania quits TNA because of you?

Well, she chases him up the ramp, pleads, grabs on to Hogan's leg, and begs him not to go.  That's right. It was a humiliating moment for a woman we've already learned doesn't handle embarrassment well.  As he pull away, Dixie screams that he's "fired" anyway.  This latest setback can't be a good things for the psyche of the TNA President.  Dixie is enraged as Impact comes to a close.


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