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The night's in-ring action started off at a fever pitch as Jeff Hardy and X-Division Champion Manik took on Kenny King and Chris Sabin.  While Hardy and Manik have squared off in the past, the two have never had much ill will for each other.  King and Sabin, however, have some history.  To their credit, they focused on the task at hand and genuinely gave the Charismatic Enigma and his masked partner a run for their money.  In the end, it wasn't enough.  After a spectacular bout, it was Jeff's Swanton Bomb that took down Kenny and kept him down for three.

After the victory, Jeff Hardy and Manik had their celebration cut short by a dejected Sabin.  The former World Heavyweight Champion jumped both men and didn't seem ready to let up.  Thankfully, Austin Aries was at the commentary table.  The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived sprung from his seat and chased Chris away.  Once he did, Aries grabbed the mic and announced his plans for Bound For Glory.  Fatal Four Way Match - Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Manik.  Let's do it.  It would be perfect.

Actually, something would make it even more perfect.  Hardy suggests they make it an Ultimate X Match.  Just as everyone is roaring in approval, Manik agrees to put the X-Division Title on the line.  With that, we get ourselves a future classic at Bound For Glory.

Up until very recently, Magnus of the Main Event Mafia had everything going for him.  Then, suddenly, his momentum came to a crashing halt.  Tonight was his chance to prove he was still the blue chipper we all knew him to be.  To accomplish this, he put himself against unbeatable looking odds as he faced off against each member of the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization one at a time in a risky gauntlet match that left fans cheering for his success, but worried for his safety.

Right from the start, Magnus appeared to have all his bases covered.  He took it to Christopher Daniels in the first outing.  Daniels, sporting his Doctor Zhivago entrance glasses, started slow but soon seemed to hit his groove.  But when he missed his suddenly ironically named Best Moonsault Ever, Christopher was in trouble.  He was easy prey for an MDD and three seconds later, it was Kazarian's turn to lace up for Match #2.

Although physically worn, Magnus was still fresher than Kazarian was hoping for by the time the bell rang.  Regardless, Kaz struck early and aggressively, wearing down the Main Event Mafia member.  Much like Daniels before him, though, Kazarian underestimated his opponent's recovery ability.  Just as the E.G.O. member was ready to end the match, he found himself trapped in a surprise Cloverleaf.  After a few seconds of futile struggling, the Extraordinary Gentleman taps out.  More than halfway home, Magnus stands tall and awaits Bobby Roode.  But as he does, he suddenly finds his left knee clipped from behind and attacked by Kazarian.  Before the bell even rings on Match #3, Mag is down one leg.

When Roode comes out, he's not playing games.  Showing his intense focus and ability to take advantage of the right situation, Bobby ripped into the MEM member with brutal rage.  Perhaps not surprisingly, Magnus wouldn't stay down.  He fought back with the type of intensity that he's known for.  However, the weight of two previous matches, an attack by Kazarian, and a former World Heavyweight Champion opponent were all too much to handle.  Eventually Roode locked in an ankle lock and Magnus had no choice but a heart-wrenching tap out.  So close, yet so far.  E.G.O. wins.

This loss brings out Magnus's Main Event Mafia partner Sting.  The Stinger takes a microphone and reiterates what we all know.  Magnus has the potential to be great.  Losses here and there aren't what's important. This played-out line of reasoning does nothing to inspire the frustrated star.  He tells Sting to save the pep talk.  He knows that no matter how close he gets, it doesn't matter if he doesn't get the results.  After all, Sting got results when he was in his prime.  He tore the house down with Ric Flair.  It's something that Magnus will never forget.  He explains to the Icon what it meant to him.

"I saw it with my own eyes!  I studied it over and over again because I studied you!  I looked up to you from my first day in the business. I came one win away from the biggest show of the year. Now nothing. Flair put you on the map.  Who's gonna put me on the map?"

Before Magnus could even take a breath, Sting screamed the answer that stunned us all.

"Me!  Me at Bound For Glory!"

Even Taz and Mike Tenay are speechless as they confirm our latest addition to an already amazing night -  Main Event Mafia vs. Main Event Mafia.  Sting vs. Magnus at Bound For Glory.


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