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When Brooke and Velvet Sky showed up next for their match, the introductions were barely over when a third theme song began to play.  Familiar from her video last week Lei D'Tapa appeared on the ramp.  Wild and incensed, this apparent newcomer to the Knockouts Division took to the ring and went on the attack.  While Brooke managed to sneak away before it began, Velvet was left to catch a brutal beating.  Even the referee was afraid to step in and Sky truly paid the price.  With Lei D'Tapa in the mix, there are more than a few Knockouts who are on their way to some sleepless nights.

When the main event came around, Bully Ray was in the ring with the last person in the world you'd expect to be bullied, Samoa Joe.  The Samoan Submission Machine was anything but intimidated by The World Heavyweight Champion's big talk and went toe-to-toe with everything he had.  While Ray's Aces and Eights partner Taz on commentary tried to downplay Joe's legendary submission skills, Bully was fully aware of the dangerous hands he could find himself trapped in.  He pulled some of his usual dirty tricks and underhanded tactics to stay a step ahead.  Then, in a moment of poor timing that the challenger will no doubt always remember, referee Earl Hebner found himself knocked to the canvas…just moments before Joe locked Bully in a choke and got a tap out.  But no referee means no submission victory. 

That's when, in a moment of equally bad timing, Bully Ray plastered Joe in the head with a chain just as Earl started to regain his composure.  He called for the bell and the World Heavyweight Champion is disqualified.  It might not be a submission, but it's a moral victory. 

After the bell, an irate Bully Ray went on the attack. He jumped Samoa Joe at ringside and pulled back the protective cover from the ringside floor.  Then, just as he was setting Joe up for a piledriver, Bully found himself covered in A.J. Styles.  The Phenomenal One, thought to have left the building earlier in the night, was here all along.  He jumped the World Heavyweight Champion and left him laying.  Security chased Styles into the crowd, where he took time to celebrate with the fans. 


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