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IMPACT Coverage: Hulk Hogan Says "I Quit!" - But TNA President Dixie Carter FIRES Him! - PAGE 2


Impact kicks off with the Phenomenal A.J. Styles.  The Bound For Glory Series Winner takes to the ring to address the issue at hand.  It's not Hulk Hogan.  It's not Dixie Carter.  It's about the World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and his eventual Bound For Glory downfall.  Bully might be mighty, but on October 20th, AJ is going to reclaim his glory.

This brings the World Heavyweight Champion to the ring.  Bully Ray has had a problem with people being disrespectful lately.  First it was some of his own Aces and Eights Brothers.  Now, it's Styles talking big.  Ray doesn't sweat it though.  As he explains to the Phenomenal One, the mental game is already won. Dixie Carter is more in his head than he even realizes.  But Styles best forget all that Carter drama because come Bound For Glory, the Aces and Eights President is going to accomplish more than one goal.  First, he's going to defend the World Heavyweight Championship successfully.  Second, he's going to end the myth of A.J. Styles once and for all.  When the audience chants A.J.'s name, Bully tells him to soak it in now. 

"Smile all you want, kid, because after October 20th, they ain't gonna be chanting that no more."

A.J. counters.  He tells Ray that he's just like Dixie Carter.  After all, the TNA President throws away those who aren't useful to her, just like Bully did with most of his "brothers".  That's when the World Heavyweight Champion goes off in a big way. 

"I take that as a compliment!  She's ruthless.  I'm ruthless.  She's a millionaire. I'm a millionaire.  She's a somebody.  I'm the World Heavyweight Champion.  And you're an absolute zero who better hope and pray to whatever God you worship that you got a shot in hell of beating me!"

Bully Ray promises to send Styles home to his "miserable wife" and three kids. But that's when A.J. gets the last laugh. On orders from Hulk Hogan, Styles informs Bully that he has a match tonight.  Just as Ray's taking that surprise announcement in, he gets another one.  His match is against Samoa Joe of the Main Event Mafia.  Needless to say, the World Heavyweight Champion is not pleased. 


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