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IMPACT Coverage: TNA President Dixie Carter Drops A Bombshell on Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles - PAGE 4


When Hulk Hogan returned to the ring for his meeting with A.J. Styles, he was excited.  As he explained to Styles, there was a pretty good chance that A.J. would be the new World Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory.  That being said, he needs to have a firm contract with the company.  Right?  Sure.  So that's why the Hulkster has put together a deal for the Phenomenal One that would solidify his spot in TNA and shows him the respect he's due. He presents the clipboard to Styles and assures him that the fans love and need him in the company.  A.J. pauses for a moment but then signs it.  Everyone cheers and we have our happy ending.   Well, almost.  That's when TNA President Dixie Carter rushed up the aisle and she had a better ending in mind.

Through a chorus of boos, Dixie first spoke to Hogan.  She pointed out that he was brought to TNA to open doors.  He's done that and she appreciates it.  She thanks him for all he's taught her about the wrestling business.  But, Hulk's just an employee.  He can be more and Carter can help him, but that's what he is.  Oh, and as for A.J. Styles and his threat to her last week…

"Let me see if I can remember this one right, "I'm gonna make you get down on your knees and beg." Darlin', in your dreams maybe.  But that's it.  I mean, your reality A.J. is staring you right in the face at Bound For Glory.  While Hulk might see some value in this phenomenally marginal one, I do not."

With that, she rips the contract he just signed into pieces and orders Styles to leave her ring.  He does. Then, she turns her attention from him Styles, well, all of us.

"You just don't understand and bless your hearts, how can you understand, huh? Because 99% of the people in this world, they've never had to live in my world ever!  They don't know what it's like.  All the decisions, all the obstacles,  and the heart wrenching decisions that I had to make.  And you know what? All the 99% that have so graciously contacted me in the last four to five months, criticizing me, putting me down,  guess what?  You need me.  You people need me.  It is.  It's the 1% that creates your world that you get to live in."

The crowd reacts just as you'd expect.  But as they boo, Dixie turns her attention back to Hulk Hogan.  She acknowledges his place in the company and gives him an ultimatum.  Are you going to be on "Team Dixie" or are you going to "sit on the sidelines like A.J.", Hogan?  The TNA President gives Hulk one week to make a decision on where he stands in this war that he was trying to stop.

The General Manager is on a deadline. He stands in disbelief as Impact comes to a close.


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