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IMPACT Coverage: TNA President Dixie Carter Drops A Bombshell on Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles - PAGE 2


Impact starts off with our World Heavyweight Champion.  Accompanied by Brooke, Bully Ray speaks about his new found fondness for Dixie Carter's speaking skills.  After her verbal beatdown of A.J. Styles last week, Ray is sitting pretty.  As he sees it, Styles is now off his game as he heads into their World Heavyweight Title Match at Bound For Glory.  Dixie has tunneled into the Phenomenal One's brain and messed with his head.  The outcome?  Another sure-fire victory for the Aces and Eights President at Bound For Glory.  Who's that?  You know.  Just in case you don't, Bully asks.

"Do you know who I ammmmmm?"

Aces and Eights do.  Bully Ray's neglected brothers somberly step to the ring with Knux taking the lead.  He questions the Prez about his priorities as only Knux can.

"You care more about your ho than your bros." 

Bully's no gardener and knows the cheap shot was directed at Brooke.  He warns Knux to watch his mouth and grows irate when the crowd joins in with a chant.  At this point, Ray takes control of the situation and begins to make a few things clear. First of all, he's always willing to take out anyone he feels doesn't help Aces and Eights. He bounced D-Lo, Anderson, and even his own brother Devon.  Tonight, he might get to do it again.  You see, our main event tonight is Knux, Wes Brisco, and Garrett Bischoff of Aces and Eights against the Main Event Mafia.  If Aces and Eights win, we celebrate.

Oh, but if they lose, the person who takes the fall will take a hike.  Bully Ray will bring the hammer down and fire them from the group. 

In our battle of glam versus bam, the Bro-Mans teamed with Gail Kim to take on Joseph Park, Eric Young, and O.D.B.  Early on, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz spent a good amount of time tearing into Park.  But when the group tagged in Gail Kim, things went too far.  Her taunts and slaps awoke the sleeping giant in Joseph, who exploded on the Bros and turned the momentum around.  The KimBros  never regained it either.  By the time O.D.B. splashed a prone Jesse, the three count was a mere formality.      

Austin Aries was up next and the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived had something to address.  People want to know where he goes now, after coming up short in the Bound For Glory Series.  But what they don't understand is that a win in the Series doesn't matter to Austin.  He doesn't need to be in the main event to actually be the main event.  He's the "common denominator of greatness" and…

"Well, alright, alright, alright."

With those four words, Kenny King returns to Impact as only he can, shutting down the Austin Aries Show.  Because, as Kenny puts it, it's getting on his nerves.  Sure, Aries was main eventing Bound For Glory, but King was the one everyone was sweating.  According to the Pretty Boy Pitbull, things were great until Sabin stole is X-Division title.  But even then, it ain't no thing to Kenny King as he had a plan to get it back. Well, that is until Austin Aries snuck into a title match dressed as Manik and ruined the whole thing.  Although the arrogant Pretty Boy respects the move itself, he resents the outcome. It's something he still needs to avenge.  Oh, and there's that other thing too.

"The other thing that was getting under my beautiful brown skin back there is that you're talking about the future like you're the future. Austin Aries, maybe ten years ago you were generation next, but what you see standing before you is the next generation of pro wrestling.  I am the future."

None of this sits well with Austin Aries obviously.  He starts removing his street clothes and demands a match. Unfortunately, it looks like we have no match as Kenny King declines.

But then he suddenly punches Aries in the face and laughs before jumping from the ring.

However it's the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived to get the last laugh.  A referee arrives, orders King into the ring, and we have ourselves the very match that Kenny just declined.  What followed was one of the most physically grueling fights in recent memory.  Almost immediately, King was busted open and fought on strongly through the crimson mask.  Aries didn't take a step back and hit the Pitbull with all he had.  To his credit, Bloody Ken didn't miss a step at all either- even hitting high risk kicks while blinded by the blood. But in the end, that early shot was enough to tilt the scales.  After a mistimed running dropkick to the corner missed, King found himself promptly brainbustered and pinned.  While the crowd cheered the win for Aries, it was hard not to applaud both men for an awesome encounter.


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