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IMPACT Coverage: TNA President Dixie Carter Drops A Bombshell on Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles - PAGE 3


The moment many had been waiting for arrived when Hulk Hogan showed up next.  Impact's Red and Yellow General Manager spoke about the subject that everyone is talking about - the battle between A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter.  Hulk is disgusted when dirty laundry is aired in the ring and knows that no matter what was said last week, A.J. Styles is appreciated.  The Hulkster rallies the crowd to show its love for the Phenomenal One and their desire to have him stay with TNA.  He promises to bring A.J. back to the ring later tonight and "straighten all this out".

Many fans have been dismayed by Chris Sabin's attitude change in recent weeks.  It wasn't more on display than in his X-Division Championship match against titleholder Manik.  Sabin feigned a knee injury to goad the champion in and then shoved Velvet Sky into him.  It was all underhanded tactics from there.  The irony is that these tactics ended up costing him the match.  After trying to use Velvet as a distraction again, he found himself on the wrong end of a roll up.  When the referee counted three, it was Manik getting his hand raised in victory.  Once again showing his newfound aggression, Sabin attacked the champion after the bell until Austin Aries ran in to stop him.

At Bound For Glory, Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Wrestling Legend Kurt Angle becomes a TNA Hall of Famer.  Angle returns and becomes the second inductee into the Hall.  It's real.  It's damn real.

In our big six man tag team main event, everyone had something to prove.  The Aces and Eights wanted to show their worth to their club.  Meanwhile, Magnus wanted to prove his slow decline in recent weeks was just a fluke.  Sadly for him, the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization wanted to prove it wasn't. Within the first few minutes, Christopher Daniels, Bobby Roode, and Kazarian attacked him before Samoa Joe and Sting could chase them away. It didn't matter though, alongside Sting, Joe was on fire.  Even at a three-on-two disadvantage, they tore into Bully Ray's boys with ruthless intentions.  When the man they call the Samoan Submission Machine locked Wes Brisco in his rear naked choke, there was really only one possible outcome.  Wes submitted. 

Once the victorious Main Event Mafia left the area, Bully Ray arrived.  He paced around Brisco and finally did what he had to do.  He said that it would be "lights out" for the loser.  The tapping sound on the mat determined you to be that loser, Wes.  Now hand over your cut to the President.

But Brisco refuses.  When he does, Bully orders Knux and Garrett Bischoff to tear the vest from his body.  They too refuse.  So it's up to Bully Ray to clothesline Wes to the ground himself.  He follows up with a soul shattering piledriver that folds Brisco up like an accordion. 

The World Heavyweight Champion now orders Knux to retrieve the cut and hand it over or else he'll do it again.  The crowd urges him to resist, but ultimately he relents and hands the vest for his President.  Wes Brisco is the latest to be banished from Aces and Eights.  And then there were three.


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