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We then get a look at the post-Anderson Aces and Eights.  Bully Ray and his outlaw brothers take to the ring and the World Heavyweight Champion has something to say.  He has to give thanks to the person responsible for his championship reign.  Who is that person?  Why…it's Brooke, of course.

As the President heaps praise onto his main squeeze, the club goes nuts.  Wes Brisco can't contain his anger and Garrett Bischoff backs him up.  That's who you thank?  Brooke?  He questions Bully's judgment and priorities.  That's when Bully questions his questioning.

"I can appreciate your passion. I like the fact that you're a fighter and you speak your mind.  And that's what I love you, Bisch.  But I got to tell you.  Don't you ever - and I mean ever - bow up to me again like that.  Do you hear me?  I made you. "

Think the tough love was exclusive to Garrett?  Think again.  The President turned to include Brisco in his rant.

"And I made you. You were a nobody before I brought you into this club.  As were you.  So if you ever step out of line or if you ever step out line again, I will guarantee you that I will slap you both in the face."

Knux then spoke up.  He questioned the rapidly shrinking numbers of the group.  What happened, Champ?  It's not Club Business anymore. It's Bully Ray Business.  It's about Ray's wants and needs and that's not right.  That's when he brings up that the group should follow the credo of Bros before…well, hoes.  

Needless to say, The World Heavyweight Champion is not happy with his club member's words.  The two nearly come to blows before deciding to go their separate ways and postponing this eventual powder keg explosion for another day.  

After a lot of talk last week, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez seemed to have momentum going into tonight's Impact.  But before the bell could be rung, Chavo announced that an "injury" will force him to sit this one out. Gunner doesn't care much about doctor talk. He cares about fighting talk.  Seeing that Hernandez was still whole, he threw the singles challenge down.  The tag team championship co-holder specializes in super challenges and SuperMex was right up his alley.  With James Storm at ringside, Gunner showed why he was so confident.  Despite a few tense moments, the Modern Day Viking managed to hit a devastating backbreaker and score a pinfall.

When it came time for Kazarian, Daniels, and Bobby Roode to square off against Samoa Joe, Sting, and Magnus, most were sure that the Main Event Mafia would come out on top.  After all, mere weeks ago, the group had sent a member of Aces and Eights packing through a tag team match.  On the flipside, the Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization is still a fairly new trio with a lot to prove.  When match time came, it was the Main Eventers who were upset by the amazing teamwork of Bobby Roode and his Bad Influence.  Quick tags and underhanded tactics kept them in control for a good portion of the match.  But in the final moments, we learned that it not only pays to be Roode, it pays to have a baseball bat.  When Bobby slammed the bat into Magnus's back, the three count was academic. The Icon, The Future, and The Submission Machine fall and E.G.O. picks up their biggest victory to date.


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