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IMPACT Coverage: Dixie/AJ Face to Face, Jeff Hardy vs. Manik, new Champion crowned - PAGE 2


Impact opens with Magnus.  The Main Event Mafia member laments his close loss in the Bound For Glory Series.  Despite his unhappiness, he congratulates A.J. Styles on his victory.  However, Styles isn't the reason for his appearance in the ring.  The reason is Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian.  E.G.O., as they're collectively known, jumped him in the parking lot.  So now, let's do it fair.  Let's do it one on one.  Magnus lays down the challenge to any one member of the group.

Of course, he doesn't just get one. He gets all three.  The Extraordinary Gentlemen's Organization hit the ring a few seconds apart and tear into the popular star.  The lopsided beating is short-lived, though.  Sting and Samoa Joe dash out to save their partner and lay down a challenge.  The Gentlemen agree and the match is made.  Tonight - E.G.O. vs. The Main Event Mafia!  

Last Thursday, when Manik asked General Manager Hulk Hogan for a match with Jeff Hardy, fans knew we'd have a pretty exciting match.  No one was disappointed when the two finally squared off.  The masked X-Division Champion utilized everything he had to outgun the Charismatic Enigma. But, in the end, it was the experience of Hardy that helped him Swanton his way to victory.

Following the disappointing loss, Manik appeared to have found a supporter.  Chris Sabin, along with Velvet Sky, entered the ring to applaud the effort.  Sabin raised the X-Division Champion's hand…before suddenly attacking him. Velvet appeared to be just as shocked as the crowd by all of this. Luckily, Jeff Hardy rushed back to the ring to chase the disgruntled former World Heavyweight Champion off.  What the hail, Sabin?    

After months of bragging about her superiority in the Knockouts Division, MIckie James finally met the three letters that could prove her wrong - O.D.B..  In a major clash of personalities, the bar brawler and Hardcore Country clashed with intense ferocity.  But, when all was said and done, it was O.D.B. getting the 1, 2, 3, on Miss Mickie.  We have ourselves a new Knockouts Champion and the start of One Dirty Championship Reign.  Bam!  

The big win sends Joseph Park and O.D.B.'s husband, Eric Young, to the ring to celebrate.  The party ends early, though, when the Bromans showed up to talk smack.  They insult the three in the ring and seem to be itching for a fight.  Luckily, Eric was prepared to give them one.  So Robbie E. steps up and we have ourselves a very quick match.  The bell rings and almost immediately, Young scored a three count.  End of story?  Nope.

The freshly beaten Robbie still demands a fight, so he challenges Joseph Park.  The bell ring and it goes exactly the same way as the last one.  Exactly.
At this point, Robbie must have figured things couldn't get worse.  But they could.  He and fellow Broman Jesse Godderz jumped Young and Park from behind.  In doing so, they busted open Joseph's lip and blood began to flow.  We all know what happens when Joseph Park sees his blood begin to flow.  He attacked and the results weren't pretty. The Bros were promptly flattened before the suit-wearing brother of Abyss snapped out of his haze.  


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