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Last week, he was the Bound For Glory Series winner.  This week, A.J. Styles is provoking the office.  Mid-ring, he talks about his history with TNA Wrestling and the brotherhood he shared.  Until, as he puts it…

"Poof. It happened.  Dixie Carter's daddy bought her a rasslin' company. No blood.  No sweat.  And no experience in wrestling at all. I mean, hey, she broke up the chemistry that made TNA what it was."

Styles then goes down a list of stars that Dixie traded in "for MMA stars and guys who needed a two year paid vacation to come to TNA, do nothing, and then go back where they belong."  In the end, it cost people like Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, and others their jobs.  To put it simply, this leaves A.J. "pissed off".  The cheering crowd shows that he's not alone.  Styles continues.

"Your biggest mistake is staring you right in the face.  You see you've given me the opportunity to win your World Heavyweight Title and, despite what the Internet says, I don’t have a contract here.  And believe you me when I say this, Dixie, there's not a contracted wrestler back there who has any respect for you anyway."

Forget burning bridges, A.J. burns down the whole village. He promises to win the World Heavyweight Title and make the TNA President pay.  That's when Dixie Carter finally shows up to add some sanity to all of this.

"I've known you a long time, A.J. and I know honestly that for you to come out here and say these kind of things in this public way, that you mean them from the bottom of your heart.  And I'm sorry.  As President of this company, I have to be accountable.  I hold myself accountable. I'm accountable to the investors, the professionals that work in this ring, my staff, these fans, and A.J., I am accountable to you and I owe you an apology.  I'm sorry. "

See.  Things are all okay…for about two seconds before she finished what she had to say.

"I am so, so sorry that I ever, ever allowed you to think you were important in this company!  And I should have told you a long time ago that you have never been anything more than a little bit better than an average fish in any pond!  And you hear what I mean?  Any pond you may be in, A.J.  And this Phenomenal stuff is an illusion - an illusion that I created.  A marketing gimmick for all of those wonderful five star matches that you used to have.  I say, "used to have" because I can't freakin' remember the last time you had one!"

The stunning tirade goes on and no one can believe it.  Styles stands in shock as Dixie lets him have it with years of aggression.  Even the boos of the crowd can't stop her from saying what she has to say.

"By the way, without my daddy's paycheck, you would still be in a trailer and this house that A.J. Styles built, that all these people talk about, guess what?  Dixie Carter built that house.  She owns it.  And you are lucky, lucky, LUCKY, to have ever played in it!"

We have just lost cabin pressure. When the Phenomenal One tried to respond, the TNA President cuts his microphone and kills the cameras.  Dixie Carter has hit her breaking point as Impact comes to a close.


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