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IMPACT WRESTLING Podcast - Hulk Hogan, Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson and Gail Kim (September 10th)

September 10, 2013 IMPACT Podcast with guests Hulk Hogan, Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson and Gail Kim
JB and Christy are back with their most star studded IMPACT Wrestling Podcast yet! Hulk Hogan joins the show to talk about managing a high profile lifestyle, and why taking the time out for the fans is so important. Then it is back to back interviews with Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson as we discuss the differences in MMA vs Wrestling and their experiences so far in TNA.  Plus, September Knockout of the Month Gail Kim joins us throughout the entire podcast to talk about life as one of the top female wrestlers in the world.  All that and news on No Surrender and JB previews his big night out in Philly with Bully Ray!
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Christy previews our guests Hulk Hogan, Tito Ortiz, Bully Ray, Gail Kim and JB's wild night on the town with Bully Ray  
JB talks about Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson, and previews next week's podcast with Bully Ray
Gail Kim joins the show and talks about being in Nashville, JB & Hemme talk about the celebrities they run into living in the Music City
They talk about their video shoot in Nashville for Muscle & Fitness, and why they couldn't get anything done
The Knockouts talk about their preparations for a photo shoot
They talk about going through airports and how they handle early mornings.
Hulk Hogan joins the show and JB asks him how he handles the madness going through the airports
Jason Hervey joins the show, Borash asks Hulk if he's ever been through the airport with Hervey
Hulk tells a story about leaving ESPN yesterday and why he stopped and signed for everyone even though they were running late
JB and Christy talk with Gail Kim about being the September Knockout of the Month
They talk about people who buy followers on Twitter, JB calls it social media's fake boobs, Christy argues that fake boobs are tangible
Gail Kim talks about her "Nikita" photo shoot for
Tito Ortiz joins the show and talks about the differences coming into the wrestling world, and how TNA has grown since he was here last
JB asks Tito about attending the MTV VMA Awards, and what he thought of the evening
Tito reveals he liked N'Sync growing up, and why it is important for guys to listen to Justin Timberlake's music
JB asks Tito about Kevin Hart's jokes, Tito fires back on Hart
Tito talks about what his game plan is for earning respect on IMPACT from the wrestlers
He talks about the differences in promoting a fight for Bellator vs UFC, and how he handles life on the road while training
Tito talks about how he has gotten into Rampage's head and what he wants to do in the fight
No Surrender is previewed, JB asks Christy and Gail Kim to pick the winner of the Final Four this Thursday
Rampage Jackson joins the show, JB asks him about training and the different aspects of preparing for a fight
Rampage talks about the differences between "Rampage" and "Quinton" when he is in public
JB tells a story about a homeless man he encountered running through the streets yelling that Rampage just bought him dinner
JB asks Rampage if he has ever gone incognito, he tells a story about going out as Batman for Halloween
Rampage reveals that he hates himself in pictures, JB asks him if he has ever taken a selfie
Rampage talks about why he prefers Instagram, and what social media outlet has the most negative people
JB and Rampage talk about blocking people and who they will RT on Twitter
Rampage talks about what is on his iPod and why his music is old
What training habits Rampage has in common with Kurt Angle
JB offers to come out to the ring with Rampage as his "Bieber" holding a championship belt
Christy previews upcoming Knockouts happenings and the upcoming music video shoot with Jeff Hardy

JB previews next week's crazy podcast trip out on the town in Philly with Bully Ray, and wraps up the show