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Bracing For Impact: Misterrrrrr… Champion!

By James Guttman

When Mr. Ken Anderson was named Vice President of Aces and Eights, many people thought it would be a perfect position.  After all, in the eyes of many, a VP is supposed to be faithful and loyal to the President he serves.  He's a friend and confidant to the person in charge.

That would be a nice idea in a perfect world but it's not reality.  In reality, second-in-commands are tenacious fighters eager to take the reins from those they are sent to serve.  They do their best while in the position, but always dream of taking a top spot they see just slightly out of reach.

Mr. Anderson was that kind of Vice President.

We all knew it.  That's why the moment Hulk Hogan announced that a member of Aces and Eights would be challenging Bully Ray for his World Heavyweight Championship at this Thursday's "No Surrender" Impact special, the whispers began to grow.  Anyone who knows Ken Anderson knows he's a person with drive unlike any other.  He fights for what he wants with a ferocity that can't be taught.  He doesn't stop until he achieves his goal.  

So when Ken announced himself to be the challenger at No Surrender, everyone was ready for it.  It seemed like a logical move for a man who's more than capable of running with the ball.  Everyone, at least, expected it.  Well, everyone except Bully Ray.

It's hard to see how the Bully wasn't prepared for this, but with so much success for so long, it all may be a result of the ol' inflated ego.  After all, a man who defeats foe after foe, week after week, begins to feel invincible.  Not only was Ray under the impression that he couldn't lose a match.  He was also under the impression that he couldn't lose a team mate.

Then Mr. Anderson came along and blew it all out of the water.  It almost felt as though Ken had been planning this moment from the day he joined the group.  He seemed ready and prepared.  The World Heavyweight Champion did not.  For that reason alone, Bully Ray has a reason to worry.

Another reason to worry?  The Bound For Glory Series Finales take place on Thursday's No Surrender Impact Special as well.  Austin Aries faces A.J. Styles as Bobby Roode battles Magnus.  The winners of both matches then square off for a chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion at Bound For Glory.

If that isn't a kick in the head for Bully Ray, nothing is.  For months, we've been awaiting this moment.  We've been awaiting the finals of the Bound For Glory Series where a hungry member of the TNA roster would finally see the culmination of months of hard work pay off with a title match.  We all spoke about how facing someone so focused and determined at Bound For Glory would surely be a major obstacle to overcome.  Then, Mr. Anderson came along.
Now Bully Ray has to get through one purposeful and long-plotting challenger…all so he can face another one at Bound For Glory.  If you listen to Bully, this isn't fair.  He shouldn't have to defend his title at Thursday's No Surrender and then again against the winner of the Bound For Glory Series.  

And if Mr. Anderson has his way, he won't have to.