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IMPACT WRESTLING Podcast - All Knockouts Edition (September 3rd)


To celebrate the upcoming Knockouts Knockdown One Night Only PPV event, JB and Christy Hemme are back with an ALL KNOCKOUTS SPECIAL!  Guests Mickey James, Brooke Tessmancher and ODB join us, and from working to twerking, nothing is off limits in this special edition!  Plus Christy reveals the September Knockout of the Month and more!  

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Follow along with our IMPACT Podcast show log!

Christy Hemme and JB welcome everyone and preview the show

JB has to play Snog, Marry, Avoid with Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher and Mickie James… who does he pick?

Borash also reveals he was hit by a kind of motorized vehicle… who did it and what was he hit by?

Mickie James joins the IMPACT Podcast gives details on how she spent her Birthday and Labor Day, including her "sausage feast"

Mickie gives her thoughts on ODB and Gail Kim and the future as Knockouts Champion

Mickie comments on the Kayfabe Kids Club and Eric Young's recent comments about "flight boners"

The Knockouts Champ previews her upcoming match with Serena Deeb on the Knockouts Knockdown PPV, and previews her performance this Thursday on IMPACT

Miley Cyrus is discussed and shares what it is like to be a crossover star.

Rampage Jackson and Hulk Hogan join us to pick one… Mickie or Miley?

Brooke Tessmacher joins us to talk about her comeback and why this is only the beginning

Why She and Bully Ray are the new power couple of professional wrestling

JB questions Brooke on why she posts so many pictures of herself online

Brooke gives advice on how to take a good "selfie" and why her massive Instagram following is proof people love it.

JB questions Brooke on her "posterior" and what Miley Cyrus can learn from her

Brooke mentions the many mainstream features that have been done on her "posterior", and names her only "competition" in that department in TNA

She looks ahead to the Knockouts Knockdown PPV and gives not so kind thoughts about opponent Santana Dotson

Borash pleads with Brooke to not say anything about this podcast to Bully Ray in fear of his life

ODB joins us and talks about facing Trinity at the PPV, as well as her thoughts on her IMPACT match with Gail Kim

She talks about her cardio workouts with Eric Young, and her Labor Day Weekend festivities

Both Minnesotans, JB and ODB reminisce about going to the state fair and the many interesting sights

ODB talks about Mickie James and Gail Kim and her outlook on the Knockouts

JB and Christy reveal the Knockout of the Month for September, JB does his impression of Gail Kim

Christy and JB preview next week's guests Rampage Jackson, Hulk Hogan, Tito Ortiz and Gail Kim