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Audio Exclusive: Howard Stern talks Bobby Roode

For two consecutive days, Howard Stern has played clips of the Impact Wrestling Podcast with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme, where the "It Factor" Bobby Roode has engaged in a bitter verbal war with long time Stern guest, Eric "the Actor" Lynch.

"I can't stand him.  He's every time he's on Stern it is like nails on a chalk board.  And then that idiot Borash brings him backstage as an invited guest and all he does is hang around the knockouts locker room waiting for something to drop on the floor so he can pick it up and sniff it, or lurking around looking for free t-shirts.  He shouldn't be invited anywhere.  He's a moron." Roode tells

Eric has responded by going on record as saying he would never cheat like Roode has, and judging by his slow start in the BFG Series, and the success of James Storm, Bobby Roode was really the weak link of Beer Money.

Roode has invited Eric to Bound For Glory in San Diego.   Will he take him up on his offer?  Stay tuned!

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