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Hardcore Justice Results: Bully Ray regains the World Title! Tito Ortiz attacks Rampage Jackson! - PAGE 4


When the cage was lowered for the main event, the tension was at an all time high.  Chris Sabin was no longer the underdog looking to upset a complacent champion.  He's the World Heavyweight Champion with a seething, frustrated, and volatile former champion itching to make an example of him.  While Sabin was valiant in his fight, Bully lived up to his name.  He tore into Chris with a level of violence few can endure.  Sabin held on and eventually took control from the arrogant outlaw.  But when referee Brian Hebner got caught in the crossfire, the champ's night took a turn for the worse.

That's when Mr. Anderson arrived.  The Aces and Eights Vice President stopped Sabin from exiting the cage and retaining the title.  He held the door and prevented Chris from re-opening it.  Luckily Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz were on hand.  The two apparent partners rushed to the cage.  Jackson tossed Anderson away from the door and Tito took out a hammer…

Which he used to bash Rampage Jackson in the back of the head!!!!

Yes.  You read that right.  Tito Ortiz laid out Rampage Jackson with a hammer to the head!!!

Rampage hit the floor and Bully took advantage of a shocked Chris Sabin.  Bully Ray powerbombed the champion and, three seconds later, he wasn't the champion anymore. 

Aces and Eights have a reason to celebrate.  Their President is our new champion.  Bully Ray holds aloft his World Heavyweight Championship and TNA's nightmare begins again!

For the second time in less than a month, Tito Ortiz shocks the wrestling world as Impact comes to a close.


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