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Hardcore Justice Results: Bully Ray regains the World Title! Tito Ortiz attacks Rampage Jackson! - PAGE 3


It's been a night of frustration for the Main Event Mafia.  With Kurt Angle out of the five on five match, the group has been searching for a new member without success.  Rampage Jackson takes to the ring and, alongside Samoa Joe, presents an idea.  What about Tito Ortiz?  He has a lot in common with Jackson.  As an MMA fighter, he knows what it's like to be called a "sell-out" by MMA fans for joining TNA.  They don't know that professional wrestling is more than a hobby to him, it's a passion.  Rampage is proud to be a part of TNA and the Main Event Mafia's family.  Now it's time for Tito to be part of it too.  

Tito Ortiz shows up and Rampage gets the elephant in the room out of the way.  Everyone knows that Tito and Jackson are fighting on November 2nd at the Bellator MMA pay-per-view.  But that's there and this here.  Here, Rampage isn’t looking to throw hands with Tito.  He's looking to shake hands with Tito.  Rampage extends the offer to his MMA opponent, here in TNA, to be a part of the family and fight back Aces and Eights with the Main Event Mafia.  Ortiz looks like he's seriously considering the offer.  Then, just as he's about to give his response…

Bully Ray arrives with a microphone and smiles at this scene.  Unfortunately, he has a title match tonight or else he'd be free to beat up both MMA superstars at once.  Ray threatens to make Tito Ortiz his "Huntington Beach Bitch"if they ever cross paths.  This sends Tito into a blind rage.  He's held back by Joe and Rampage as Bully walks off .

Our second Bound For Glory Series bout was a table match with another 20 points on the line as Magnus, Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode faced off.  At first glance, Roode appears to be the odd man out, with two Main Event Mafia Members and one member of their rival Aces and Eights in the match.  But, appearances may be deceiving.  Roode had a secret numbers advantage of his own.  For the second time tonight, Bad Influence showed that they may have cracked the Bound For Glory Series numbers code.  Kazarian and Daniels appear just as Magnus positions Bobby for a superplex.  Bottoms up, buddy. They toss another Appletini into Mag's face and allow Roode to reverse him into a powerbomb through the table.  Yup. It pays to be Roode and it pays to have friends.  How much does it pay?  20 points in the Bound For Glory Series.


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