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The ladders were out early tonight as Impact kicked off with an epic four way ladder match in the Bound For Glory Series.  With 20 points hanging above the ring, it was four of TNA's finest battling for the advantage.  All four brought their A-game and presented fans with a true classic. But while Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and AJ Styles were prepared for the ladders, they weren't prepared for Kazarian's partners, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode.  At the height of the action, they arrived and managed hand off a questionable "Appletini"  to Kazarian.  He threw the concoction in Jeff Hardy's face, knocked him down from the ladder, and reached up to grab the victory (not to mention the points).   Considering Bad Influence has been touting the importance of numbers in the Bound For Glory Series, these 20 points seem like pretty solid proof.

The Main Event Mafia took to the ring next, only instead of Kurt Angle, they had TNA President Dixie Carter with them.  Dixie announced that Kurt had entered a rehabilitation clinic two weeks ago.  With the full support of TNA management, wrestlers, and fans, Angle's health is the most important priority for all of us.  This does, however, leave a question mark on the scheduled match between Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights next week.

Mr. Anderson doesn't like question marks.  That's why he and his Aces and Eights brothers slowly walk to the ring to confront the Mafia.  Anderson realizes that with one week to go until the tag match that sees the losing member leave TNA forever, the M.E.M. is down one member.  He tells them to find a new one so they can get beat down fair and square next Thursday.  This leads to a massive brawl but Aces and Eights, with the five on four advantage, lays the Main Eventers out in short order.  It's almost definitely a preview of next weeks' Impact unless the Main Event Mafia can find a fifth member.  
Since switching back from a wild and drinkin' referee back to a wild and drinkin' wrestler, O.D.B. has been on one dirty roll.  Facing off against two of TNA's finest Knockouts, she showed that she can still brawl with the best of them.  Mickie and Gail may have found weapons under the ring, O.D.B found one under her shirt.  In a truly rare moment, the former ref removed her bra and used it as a weapon.  It left many speechless. But when she took Gail Kim straight down onto a steel chair, it left Gail motionless.   Three seconds later and the Bra-barian reigns supreme.

At this point, we head backstage.  A crouching cameraman catches Bully Ray on the phone and that's when we hear this:

"Honey, I agree with you.  This has not been the normal relationship.  It's anything but normal…Well, I'm glad to hear you say that…Just so we're on the same page, tonight is about me.  Next week is about us.  Your man is gonna go out there and win his World Heavyweight Title and destroy that boy.  Then, I'm coming home and we're celebrating.  And you know exactly how Calvezilla likes to celebrate…Next week, we tell the world the truth. Alright.  Me too…I love you too, Brooke."


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