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The second Bound For Glory Series Match had a similarity to the first - Ken Anderson.  The Aces and Eights V.P. made his presence known when Samoa Joe squared off with Christopher Daniels.  More to hurt Joe than help Daniels, Anderson distracted Main Event Mafia's Samoan Submission Machine long enough for Christopher to pounce.  Daniels scaled the ropes and hit his Best Moonsault Ever.  When that one failed to score the pin, he hit it again.  The Badd Influencer picks up seven points in his quest for Glory.

The third and final Bound For Glory Series match of the night has been all most fans could talk about since it was announced last week.  The Phenomenally Brooding A.J.Styles squared off with the Charamatic Enigma Jeff Hardy.  Mixing spectacular maneuvers with brutal violence, these two threw everything they had at each other.  In a match that will be remembered as a true Impact Classic, each man looked all but defeated at different points.  But it was a surprise roll up into a Calf Killer submission that made this a night to remember for A.J. Styles.  The lone wolf earns himself a tap out and ten coveted  points in the Bound For Glory Series.

After the bell, Jeff Hardy offered the winner his hand to shake.  Instead, A.J. offered Jeff a view of his back as he walked away.

As the night came to a close, the self-proclaimed "suffering" Bully Ray comes out to remind us all how victimized he was by Chris Sabin's hammer attack last week.  He also insists that he will do whatever it takes to right the wrongs that have been done.  With that, Bully gives the champion a chance to come out and hand the belt back to its long-time owner.

When Sabin comes to the ring, he's stoic.  The new champion tells Bully that he'll have to pry the title from his "cold, dead hands".  This angers Bully even more.  He demands that General Manager Hulk Hogan come to the ring and do the right thing.   That's when the Red and Yellow lights kick in.

Hulk shows up on the ramp with the legal paperwork in hand.  He offers Bully a counter.  The counter?  A torn up legal notice.  To everyone's surprise, Hogan rips up Ray's lawsuit and declares Chris Sabin the TNA Champion.  Over the roar of the crowd, Hogan explains that he's doing what's fair.

Also fair according to Hulk Hogan?  Bully Ray gets a return match.  Hogan makes it official. The former Champion will have his shot on the August 15th Hardcore Justice Impact Special.  It'll be Bully Ray challenging TNA Champion Chris Sabin…in a Steel Cage!  

Sabin looks Justas surprised as Bully Ray as we close out.  With three weeks until this big cage match, anything can happen.







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