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Coverage from Thursday's Destination X IMPACT | NEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin! - PAGE 3


Announced for next week: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound For Glory Series match, Manik vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Greg Marascuilo to crown a new X-Division Champion.

When we arrived at our main event, the stage was set.  Perennial underdog Chris Sabin finally had his shot against big bad Bully Ray for the World Heavyweight Champion. Luckily, the Main Event Mafia was there to provide backup against Ray's Aces and Eights, but that only solved half the problem.  Chris had to find a way to overcome the dominant Champion.  It was difficult, though, as Bully focused intensely on Sabin's previously injured knee, leaving him prone and vulnerable. He took off Chris's knee pad and seemed intent on ending more than just his championship aspirations. While Aces and Eights and Main Event Mafia were separate for most of the match, their aggression eventually boiled over.  After Anderson handed Bully Ray a hammer, all hell broke loose. Both groups battled each other to the back, leaving the champ and challenger in the ring.

But still, Bully had a hammer and came out Chris Sabin with it…

…and missed!  Sabin kicked the champ in the midsection, the hammer fell, and Chris grabbed it.

Ray quickly recovered, though, and attempted to hit a Bully Bomb for the big finish.  But, on his way up, Sabin brought the hammer crashing down on the champ's head.  Three seconds later, we had a new World Heavyweight Champion.  

Yes.  After ten years with TNA Wrestling and two years clawing back from injury, Chris Sabin has achieved his dream.  He is your new TNA World Champion.  The jubilant arena hails Sabin as we close the show.

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