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In a match that has had people buzzing all week, Austin Aries took on partner Bobby Roode in a Bound For Glory Series match.  Both Roode and Aries know the taste of World Championship glory and pulled out all the stops because of it.  In an amazing encounter, it was Aries picking up seven points by pinning Roode down for three.  After the disappointing loss, Bobby took his aggression out on the broadcast table, sending Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay running for cover.

Our first of three big "X-Division Past, Present, and Future encounters", it was three of TNA's classic X-Division stars squaring off with Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Homicide. At any moment, any of these men could have scored a victory. But the night was right for Sonjay as he came crashing down on Homicide with both feet for the win.  Dutt moves on to next week's three way battle for the X-Division Title.

We learned our second member of that three way match in our next X-Division qualifier.  Chavo Guerrero, Manik, and Kenny King squared off in a showdown that saw some amazing moments from three of TNA's finest.  King seemed poised to take that spot but was stunned by Manik, who landed two knees to his stomach, and had his hand raised in victory.

The Main Event Mafia then took to the ring and called out Aces and Eights.  Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, Sting, and Rampage called for the outlaws to join them in the ring.  Rather than do that, Vice President Mr. Anderson showed up on the screen and changed the location.  He invited the Mafia to fight them in the parking lot.  When they did, they were ambushed and Kurt Angle was tossed into the back of a truck by Bully Ray. The champ gave it two hits with his palm and it sped off.  

The X-Division future followed this with Rockstar Spud vs. Rubix vs. Greg Marascuilo.  All three eccentric stars showed why they were chosen for this prestigious match with some breath-taking, high flying moments.  Quick hits and near wins were on the agenda from start to finish. In the end, Marascuilo surprised Spud for the win.

Showing that you can't keep an Olympic Gold Medalist down, the Aces and Eight's pick-up truck returned…with Kurt Angle driving!  Kurt, looking worse for wear, ran back into the arena to join his partners.

Knockout Champion Mickie James took center-ring next.  Mickie discussed her favorite topic - Mickie.  After showing us footage of her, admittedly great, musical performance in Music City, the "confident" champion found herself interrupted by #1 Contender Gail Kim.  Gail points out that she was the one who made history last week with a ladder, not James.  The war of words gets heated until M.J. tried to sneak a slap in. Kim ducked and returned with a slap of her own.  And with that, well, it was on.  Both Knockouts went at it tooth and nail until the referees managed to separate them.


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