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Bracing For Impact: The Destination X Spoiler

By James Guttman


You can hear the whispers already.  "Chris Sabin?  It's not supposed to be Chris Sabin."

But this Thursday on the special Destination X Impact, for the World Heavyweight Championship, it is Chris Sabin.

Anyone following professional sports knows about a spoiler.  That's the competitor or team that isn't supposed to show up and take out the big dog, but they do.  It's usually out of nowhere, but it's always someone you always knew in the back of your mind could win.  For TNA Wrestling, Chris Sabin is our Destination X spoiler.

Conventional logic says that World Champ Bully Ray's biggest threats all come from the Main Event Mafia.  Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Rampage Jackson are all top names who could easily stroll into a World Title match and give the champ a run for his money.  Bully Ray knows that.  He expects that.  But Chris Sabin? How dare he?

Since Sabin cashed in his X-Division title for a shot at Ray last week on Impact, the normally ornery President of Aces and Eights has been especially unhappy.  With Aces and Eights and The Main Event Mafia going at it on Impact this week, Bully's Boys are spread rather thin.  It's that moment that Sabin has been waiting for.  It's the moment he spoils Bully Ray's plans.

While most of the roster is thrilled for Sabin's chance, Austin Aries isn't especially happy.  After all, it was Aries mere weeks ago with the X-Division Title around his waist.  Had things gone slightly differently, Austin could be the man main-eventing the Destination X Impact special.  It's this underlying frustration that will turn his Bound For Glory Series match on Impact against tag partner Bobby Roode into something even more interesting.  Normally, a bout like this would be intriguing solely because the opponents normally make up a team.  But, it's that uncertainty about the mindset of the “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” that could turn this professional competition between friends into something far more memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Losing the X-Division Title could do that to you.  For a singles star in TNA Wrestling, there's only one prize greater than that championship - the World Heavyweight Title.  The honor and prestige that comes with a successful reign is irreplaceable on a wrestler's resume.  If you think losing the title can make someone violent, imagine what having a chance to win it will do.  That's what will happen on Impact when stars of the X-Division's past, present, and future truly collide for a chance to qualify in the hunt for the X-Division championship.  For some, it's a chance to recapture past glory.  For others, it's a shot at a dream they've never achieved.  

Now, can you imagine being one step closer to becoming the new X-Division Champion and celebrating your qualifying win as the outgoing X-Division Champion unseats Bully Ray?

You see, it all keeps coming back to Chris Sabin.  Often applauded for his talent, few have truly sat down to think about the threat he poses to the World Heavyweight Championship…until now.  Now we can't stop thinking about it. Could this really be happening?  Can he really do it?

Some might argue that he's already reached that magic moment by finding himself in this match at all, but there's more to it than that.  The true question is, after years of dazzling fans and colleagues with his in-ring ability, has Sabin finally gotten to that moment in his career that will freeze in time forever?  Is this Thursday's Impact the ultimate spoiler for Bully Ray and the crowning moment of Chris Sabin's legacy?

You want answers?  Then there's only one Destination this Thursday.  It's Impact.  It's live.  Hail Sabin.