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At this point, our night came full circle.  All the winners from the Joker's Wild Tag Tournament hit the ring for an over the top rope elimination match that culminates in a one-on-one match between the last remaining two.  When all was said and done, it was Main Event Magnus against Bobby Roode.  Riding an amazing wave of momentum, Magnus once again proved his place among Impact Wrestling's elite by pinning Roode to capture 25 points in the Bound For Glory Series.  

Following this stunning victory, Hulk Hogan paved the way for another.  The General Manager of TNA Impact took to the ring and invited out the X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin to cash in his X-Divisoon belt for a shot at champion Bully Ray next week. But just as he's about to hand the belt to the Hulkster, he's cut off by Aces and Eights.  The outlaws stand at ringside as their leader, Bully Ray, chastises Chris for even considering this.  According to Bully, he's just going to get himself in trouble.  But according to Sabin, he'll be doing something else…

"All I need is one chance.  Just one shot to beat you and I know I can do it.  July 18th, Destination X, I will beat you.  I will stand over you.  And I will ask you if you know who I am.  I'm Chris Sabin, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!"

With that, Sabin hands Hulk the belt and Bully Ray goes on the offensive.  He warns his challenger that he's not just fighting a one on one match.  This is gang warfare.

On this point, the Main Event Mafia agrees.  They show up in the entranceway just in the nick of time to reveal their fifth and final member.  It's a man that no one in Vegas had odds on. You may have heard his howl.

Yup.  Rampage Jackson shows up and no one can believe their eyes as the MMA legend stands alongside TNA's defenders!  Bully Ray is speechless for one of the first times in his life as we come to a close. Rampage Jackson is the final member of The Main Event Mafia!




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