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Loners typically don't work well for matches like this.  That's why everyone thought that AJ Style was going to have problems when his name was drawn to team with the Main Event Mafia's Samoa Joe against the team of Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park.  Although most would expect the unlikely team of AJ and Joe to self destruct, the duo actually showed teamwork as they emerged victorious.  

Fans eager to see teams who were unhappy with their partners weren't left disappointed, though, as our second Joker's Wild tag team contest featured Hernandez and Jay Bradley against the Main Event Mafia's Magnus and Aces and Eight's Mr. Anderson.  These two members of opposing factions didn't have a chance to show any sort of teamwork at all as Anderson refused all tag attempts, leaving his "partner" to fend for himself.  Despite his frustration, Magnus stayed the course and scored the pin all on his own - advancing not only himself to the six-man gauntlet later on in the show, but Anderson too.

As if Ken Anderson wasn't already sitting under a lucky star, he was also voted the new vice president of Aces and Eights.  Despite causing some friction with second runner-up D.O.C., Anderson's new position seemed to sit well with the club.

With the four remaining Joker's Wild names belonging to two of TNA's most decorated tag teams, the odds were 50/50 that we'd see a tag match we were used to.  But as any gambler in Vegas will attest to, the odds aren't usually in your favor.  That's what all four men learned when  Kazarian and Robert Roode wound up opposing Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries.  Say what you will about Bad Influence, but their friendship runs deep.  After Kaz and Roode took the victory, Daniels raised his usual partner's hand in an act of sportsmanship.  With that, we had our gauntlet match set.  But first…

It was time for The Knockout Ladder match that has everyone talking.  For the right to be named #1 contender to the Knockouts championship, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell presented not only one of the best matches in Knockout history, but one of the best in wrestling history.  Shattering expectations, Gail and Taryn put their bodies on the line in an epic encounter that people will be talking about for years to come.  Jaws were on the floor and even champion Mickie James, from ringside, had to applaud as Gail Kim captured the coveted contract.  Words don't do this match justice.  If you haven't seen it, see it.  If you have seen it, see it again.


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