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Bracing for IMPACT: Now The Dream Match

Bracing For Impact: Now The Dream Match
By James Guttman

As fans of any sport can tell you, the idea of a "dream match" is what keeps us dreaming.  Whether it's a team or a competitor, there's always an innate desire to see what two opposing sides from different eras could do against one another.  Sadly, that reality rarely comes true.

But one of those rare occurrences is on the brink of actually occurring in TNA Wrestling.  After weeks of speculation and rumor, we will learn the identity of the Main Event Mafia's final member.  With that comes the dream match fans have been waiting for - The Main Event Mafia versus Aces and Eights.  It's finally here.  The two alliances collide.

With Magnus, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe, the MEM is already unstoppable.  But who could be the final member?  Personally, my money's on Chris Sabin.  As the current X-Division Champion, Sabin will have to decide on Thursday's Impact whether to cash that title in for a shot against Bully Ray's World Championship on the July 18 Destination X Impact special.  What better member to have on your team than a star guaranteed to wrestle for the crown jewel of the Aces and Eights trophy case?  Even if he chooses not to cash the championship in, he's still a champion.  Right?  That alone should make him high on the list of potential mafia members.

Don't think this hasn't crossed Bully Ray's mind.  The President of Aces and Eights is calling the whole group together Thursday for a vote to decide their new vice president.  Is this a sign that the outlaws are starting to lose control…or a sign that they're more focused than ever?  With a group as powerful as A&E, it's always scary to think what a new officer will do to show his power to the brothers.  You can probably bet that whoever is elected will immediately begin making examples of people.  But by then, they should have a Main Event Mafia to contend with.
Speaking of which, who's to say that the last member of the MEM can't be a Knockout?  Anyone?  Actually, my money might be on either Gail Kim or Taryn Terell.  Both women not only take part in a ladder match this Thursday to determine the #1 contender to Mickie James's Knockout Championship.  Look at that - another TNA star with an iron-clad title shot on the horizon. Nothing would shake things up more than a surprise Mafioso like that.  Plus, if the Main Eventers were to entice the next Knockout challenger to join their group, they can have a chance to proudly hold the one title that Aces and Eights doesn't seem to be going after.

Who am I kidding?  I can't put my money on anyone.  Think about it.  The Bound For Glory series continues on Impact this week.  In fact, it's the "Joker's Wild" competition, with the winner getting - wait for it - 25 points!  So suddenly, the list of potential Main Event Mafia inductees grows even more.  Who wouldn't want to sign a star on the cusp of winning the Bound For Glory series? Jeff Hardy.  Bobby Roode. Hernandez. Kazarian.  Jay Bradley.…you get the point.  The list is too long.  It's impossible to predict.

So I give up. I'm not guessing.  All I know is that this Thursday's Impact is a reason for all wrestling fans to rejoice. In a rare chance, we get to see a dream match being made before our eyes.  The ideals and powerbase of the Main Event Mafia has returned and, after Impact, we'll have a full group ready to fight off the invading army that's made life miserable here for over a year.  No longer will we have to worry about Bully Ray or his bully backup pushing around crew members and colleagues.  Finally, law and order will be restored to TNA and we can all sleep better at night.

At least we hope so.