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Chris Sabin's Reaction to The X Division Title Change

Following IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV, Chris Sabin took to his twitter @projectsabin where he set a few facts straight.  "A) Austin Aries was never supposed to be in the match and B) I lost the title without being beaten.  This isn't the end of this, trust me."  During last nights episode of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV, we saw an imposter dawn the Suicide uniform and win the X Division Championship and it was later revealed that the man who fooled everybody was Austin Aries.  Aries seems to have the intention of repeating what he did last year and vacate the X Division title for a shot at the World heavyweight Championship.  Per Sabin's reaction it seems that the outcome of the match stung worse for him considering the man playing Suicide, Austin Aries, actually got the pin on Kenny King to acquire the X Division Championship.  Though according to Sabin's response we haven't seen the end of the situation...  We will have to stay tuned and find out next week as TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will be coming to us from Las Vegas, NV.