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Bracing For Impact: This Thursday Is Ours


By James Guttman

The greatest thing about professional wrestling is the feeling you get from an amazing match or moment.  It's indescribable to someone who doesn't know it, but shared by every fan.  You get a wrenching in the pit of your stomach and you just can't wait to find out what happens next.  

That's the feeling I had when Sting said those three words on Impact - "Main Event Mafia".

For months, we've all wrung our hands over who could band together to stop Aces and Eights.  With those three words, he gave us an answer. But, this whole time, it might not have ever been about the individuals as much as the idea that they represent.  The Main Event Mafia was created, with Sting at the helm, for the sole intent of protecting the main event spots of Impact Wrestling.  While fans booed this apparent attempt to monopolize the big matches in TNA, no one looked any deeper.  The Main Event Mafia was about making sure that Impact Wrestling had the best stars on the market.  Misunderstood by many, the MEM may have been brutal and ruthless, but they never stood against TNA like Aces and Eights do.  They never defected from the company. If anything, they wanted what they felt was best for it.  They were everything Bully Ray's brothers stand against.

The question still remains of who exactly the Main Event Mafia are in 2013.  While the Stinger may have said the group's name, he never named an individual member.  The whispers have been growing that Sting might have some more information on Thursday.  The philosophy is solid.  The idea is sound.  Now, bringing in the right people could finally rid us all of our Aces and Eights national nightmare.

So when Sting said those words, that feeling settled in and you knew something big was on the horizon.  It's only fitting as we embark on the official start of Bound For Glory season.  Frankly, it's one of the most exciting times to be a fan.  Not only do all 12 TNA stars have a chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion by winning the series, they get to showcase who they are in the process.  Knowing that the eyes of the world are on them, every participant steps up their game to both impress and become a potential World Champion. It's the entire reason anyone laces up a pair of boots and what makes the Bound For Glory series so special for the fans and participants alike. That's not to mention that we all get to choose the first wrestler who gets the first call-out in the series - Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode.  Voting has been going on right here on the website and it just gives another way to be part of a historic Impact on many levels.

Speaking of our part in the show, you have to hand it to Brooke Hogan for realizing how important the night will be for fans.  The TNA Knockouts Executive has scheduled a State of the Knockouts division address.   It's rare and refreshing to see such transparency.  Given that the Knockouts remain so popular among fans, it's reassuring to know that the woman in charge of the division not only has a plan, but is willing to share it with us.  When you put it all together, it makes for a pretty fan-heavy night of Impact.

For months now, this column has wondered about the way we could stop Aces and Eights.  Now, for the first time, it looks like we may be about to find out.  Aces and Eights have had their day.  But this Thursday - that day is ours.