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Bracing for IMPACT: Sorry Mr. Jackson - Page 3

James Storm and Gunner don't even have a chance to rest in TNA's chaotic environment.  The newly crowned Tag Team Champions are scheduled to face Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a Bound For Glory qualifier match. Will the tag team champions overcome the arrogant pranksters to advance to the big event?  With Kurt Angle taking on AJ Styles in another qualifying match on Impact, it almost puts an unnecessary target on their backs.  Do Gunner and Storm want to be another potential foe to the unstable Olympian?  What about Bad Influence?  Are they eager to be a thorn in Angle's side?  What if Angle loses to Styles?  Do either team want to get involved in AJ's world of uncertainty? Most importantly, with the winner of the tournament receiving a World Title match - do they even care about the repressions anyway? This just proves there's no escape from the intensity of TNA's top battles - even for the tag team division.

So welcome, Rampage Jackson.  We're glad to have you here - well, most of us are.  But this isn't a P.R. campaign or fodder for a highlight reel, this is Impact Wrestling.  We're in the midst of a war.  You have two choices - step up or step out.  There's no room for smiles and waves anymore.  It's time to fight.  If you don't want to, there are plenty of angry stars in TNA who will make you.

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