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Bracing for IMPACT: Sorry Mr. Jackson - Page 2

When Kurt Angle showed up and went nose to nose with Jackson, we all felt his pain.  I'm sure Hulk Hogan was backstage watching the events unfold with an understanding grin on his face.  Hogan has been burned as much as Angle has.  Whether it's his daughter's confusing relationship with Bully Ray, his constant torment from unwelcome "hero" Matt Morgan, or his tumultuous relationship with Sting since the Aces and Eights came about, Hulk too must be frustrated by TNA's latest "hero".  While the fans were all giddy over Rampage Jackson and the heavy chain around his neck, Hogan and Angle saw the chain as a weapon that could soon be used against them - much like Aces and Eights has done for months.

The good news is that frustration isn't limited to TNA stars.  Well, it may not good news for Rampage, but for us.  Look at Devon - Sergeant at Arms for Aces and Eights.  Following his stunning TV Title loss to Abyss at Slammiversary, Devon was irate.  Scheduled to face Joseph Park at the show, Devon was shocked when the night ended with Abyss's hand raised in championship victory.  With the long reigning champion losing his title, it seemed to be the first real crack in Devon's armor.  Eager to show his worth to a group that was so quick to punish D-Lo Brown for his losses, Devon has something to prove.  That could spell trouble for Abyss, Joseph Park, or…if Devon really wants to make a point, Rampage Jackson.

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